>Guest Blog: All She Wants to Do Is Dance

>Please welcome the very funny Sum Sum from Disco Lemonade back today with her take on “dance”.

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“Dancing is the loftiest, the most moving, the most beautiful of the arts, because it is not mere translation or abstraction from life; it is life itself.”  ~H.E.

The sun goes down and a nervous anticipation of what the evening shall bring takes hold of her.  She is uncertain of the exact destination but she knows the surroundings will be dark and dangerous.  The voyage to nowhere begins with illicit, carefree abandon and is shared with friends and freaks alike.  Her heart pounds from her chest as beats are heard in the distance, at that moment she feels the first wave of happiness.  She breaks through the crowd and enters a place that in the daylight would give no evidence that every night beauty blossoms from this exact location.  She can’t restrain her smile.  What she is believed to be has been left at the doorstep and tonight she will lose herself in the lights, fog and turntables.  Surrounded by strangers; the smell is a mixture of floral perfumes, eucalyptus, musk and sweat and the dance created is one of friendship on a level not experienced in the waking light.  The beats drive her senses and move her body as if she is a marionette reenacting life’s greatest tragedy, the loss of sensation.  Her entire night is a choreographed death of what she knows and believes in the sun.  As day breaks, the dance of freedom concludes and reality returns with a sigh.  Once again she finds herself imprisoned by perception, until she can dance again.  


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