>Dark Circles & Sleepless Nights

>Hi y’all. I know I just took a hiatus to move, but things are little overwhelming on my end. I’ve just put a lot on my plate, and my interests are flowing in my writing right now..not my blog writing, but my actual writing. I’ve got blogs to design, stories that are begging to be written, and I’m getting over acute bronchitis (Still!). I’m worn out, and I gotta take a break from something.

I’m not sure how long the hiatus will last, but hopefully it won’t be long. I still have to announce the winner to the autism book giveaway, and I will tomorrow, as promised. I just want to get back into the groove I had when I started blogging, being able to post and read, and well, I just have to get these other things out of the way first.

Oh, and I’m knee-deep and sinking in the midst of the temperamental 3’s with Scooby, and somehow the vision of peace and quiet I imagined having a beautiful, fenced backyard hasn’t quite found me yet.

If you really miss me, of course, you can always find me on my writing blog, My Write Side. The Best Scoop of the Week and Monday guest posts will continue as usual, as well.


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