>Guest Blog: Redemption=Atonement


Jenn from The Mommy Mambo is back with her take on “redemption.” Enjoy!!


If only, right ladies?

Sorry for the quality of the photos, everyone.  These photos are from a stone age camera, but never-the-less are capable of showing what all us mommas have secretly wished upon our husbands. 

We are both wearing the same shirt (I had to resort to his closet at the end of my pregnancy) but, my Buddha belly was squirming with 4 arms and 4 legs; 8 limbs flailing and jabbing at my organs and ribs.  He got to wear a sandbag under his shirt for a 30 second photo-op at his very own baby shower that I wasn’t even invited to!  Poor guy got fed yummy snacks and was oogled by an array of women from the nursing and administrative staff while I sat at home trying to breathe.

Still, the photo of him round and plump with an inverted belly button leads to some pretty good daydreaming when he irritates me.  It’s like a voo-doo photo where I imagine him racing to the toilet to pee every 10 minutes, losing complete site of his nether regions, his nose widening to the width of the continental US, his breasts exploding in painful red streaks and leaking, and his toes resembling little smokey sausages.

But is was only a sandbag.  And look what he still got out of the deal?!

Nope.  No real redemption story here.

Well, that is…until all his hair fell out a few months later!


While Jenn is holding down the fort here at The Scoop, I’m over at Rage Against the {Washing} Machine with my Mom’s IEP interview. You don’t want to miss this! 😉


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