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Today, my ice cream gets to travel all the way to France. So exciting!! At least my ice cream is getting around.

She has 2 daughters born in 2 different countries.She writes about her motherhood experiencesgiving birth in countries that are not her own, and how Europe introduced her to her soul mate. She talks about dealing with meeting family whose customs are different from her own, the bane of generic diapers, and the horror of going to the doctor.

She’s got an interesting story and a way with words. Today’s Best Scoop of the Week is Kat from Toulouse Confessions!

I asked Kat: “If you could live in any era, what era would you choose and why?”

First I have to thank Drama Mama for having allowing me to be on her Scoop of the Week. I am so excited! My prompt for today was to write about what other era I would live in if I could choose. This was easy-peasy for me and soon you will find out why!…..
I must have been about nine years old when I attempted to write my first book. I remember we were living in the house on Twilight Trail and I was still sharing a room with my sister. The afternoon sun shone through my big windows as I sat in my open closet, my secret place. The notepad opened in front of me had the names of four women. Next to their names was a list of what their character would be in the book and whether or not they would die.
Hmmm, well that sounds a bit morbid, but I left out one important detail: the book was set in World War II and the girls were nurses on the frontline. I had just finished reading a book about a nurse during WWII and now I was determined to write one like it. I would love to find that notebook somewhere among my stuff at my mom’s house, but it was probably thrown away in one of our many moves. I remember getting through quite a few pages and then deciding to drop the whole thing because no one was going to publish a book written by a child. Geez, so pessimistic!
Ever since I can remember I have been in love with the WWII era. From the time I was little I loved watching black and white movies from the 1930’s and 1940’s. LOVED them. Better than cartoons. Better than modern movies. My mother wouldn’t let us watch any movies that had swearing or a trace of sex in them, so my selection was definitely bigger from the old movies, but even when I was older, even now, I love to watch those old movies.
Watching so many of them, especially the war movies, made me wish I had been born at that time. Everything seemed so much purer and innocent and safer and …romantic. Now a grown woman I can see that there isn’t anything romantic about a war, but the movies certainly made it look that way.
But even if war in real life is full of heart ache and loss of innocence, I still wouldn’t mind having been born at that time. I love the fashion. Wouldn’t it be cool to wear hats? And I love the theater and arts of back then. The idea of hitch-hiking out to Hollywood and trying to make it as a star would have been so much fun. I have read almost all of the biographies of the stars of that time and all of their stories were filled with romantic encounters and wonderful tales of travel, etc. Yes, it helps that they were rich. But I would have been too, right?

The only thing that would totally ruin being born at that time is having to live through the end of the 1960’s and through the 1970’s. Blech. Not my cup of tea. The time machine would have to bring me right into the 1990’s or maybe already in 2000. And it would certain stink to live in a time before the tampon was invented. Or Mydol. Could I live without them? Probably not. I would have ended up not coming out of my house for four day each month. But wearing the hats would have made up for it. Of course living in a time were there were no gyms to go to kickboxing class might also be a downer, but the drinking martinis at 5pm as a norm would make up for that one. So, really, there wouldn’t be too big a down side to living back then.
Sigh,….I would have married Cary Grant and had beautiful English children with him……Ah, well, in this life I have my Spanish Principe and Spanish children and they too are beautiful. And I can watch Cary Grant anytime I want and always day dream of what it would have been like being born at that time…..


I wish you all a happy Easter and don’t forget in the midst of all your festivities the real reason to celebrate this weekend. Could you imagine giving up one of your kids to save the world? I can’t.

Come back Monday and hang out with Kat as she guest posts on “resurrection”.


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