>Just Thursday


Outside my window…the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and my cherry blossom tree is all green leaves.
Today I feel…tired. It was a late night last night working on a project.
I am thankful…for my new house, great children, a loving husband, and waking up this morning.
Tomorrow I am going…to an appointment to qualify for TTY equipment. We will  visit the Easter Bunny while we are out and about.
I am wearing…a black lace camisole and grey sweats cut off to be shorts.
I wish…that my book(s) edited itself. 
This weekend…we are doing an Easter Egg hunt, going to a sunrise service, and hosting the family dinner.
I am reading…The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton
I am working on…stories for writing prompts and a blog header.
Yesterday I…blasted loud obnoxious music after GC went to bed to get him to help me wash my hair after complaining about it for 3 hours prior (Story to come)
I am hoping…that my friend finds peace after her son passed away yesterday. He was 7. He had leukemia, though it was pneumonia that killed him. So sad.
I am hearing…silence. I haven’t put my ears on yet.
I bet you didn’t know…that I have lost 10 lbs
One of my {least} favorite things to do…is clean house.
One of my {most} favorite things to do…is snuggle with the kids.

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