>Guest Post: Potty Training 102

>Today’s guest is the legendary MommaKiss. She shares with us a fabulous post from her archives about her hilarious adventures in potty training her oldest son…

So this is about potty training. #2. You’ve been warned.

I originally wrote this in December of 2008. My oldest kid was 3 and a half at the time. And stubborn as HELL. NO idea where he gets it from 😉
Last night we spent 20 glorious minutes with Big Kiss, screaming his head off, naked tushy on the potty.

He hated me, wanted daddy and did not “want to poop on the potty” (thru clenched teeth).

He got off, sweaty and snotty and said he didn’t have to go.

Until the “poop’s comin out” and he starts dancing and whining again.

I caved – and tried a gimmick I read about. I had some dipes that I’d cut the ass out of. He put that on, sat on the pot and immediately pushed.


When he heard the turd hit the water, his saucer eyes said “did you hear that?” I said I did and asked if he was done.

We took off the dipe and when I held it up, he said “My poop broke the diaper!”

Uh, “no kid – Momma cut a hole in there, you don’t need a diaper, your poop went right in the water!”

Kid: “Momma, did you trick me?”

He’s 3 and a half. Trick me. Damn. I can’t get nothin past him.

So now we’re doing holey ass diapers. I hope this isn’t just another monster that I’ve created, but a step in the right (diaper free) direction. We shall see.

in the end, it took a week of holes. They eventually became bigger and bigger until it was just the dipe straps around his waist and the diaper was cut clean thru on the bottom. 


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