>BSOW: Unofficially


Today’s Best Scoop of the Week is no stranger to this blog. She’s a regular commentor, more than deserving of the esteemed ice cream this week. She’s funny. Incredibly funny. She has such an incredible outlook on life. She is a new mom. She’s simply fabulous. She’s also a fellow Red Dress Club member.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Sara, the Unofficial Mom

I asked Sara:

If you were a part on a car, which part would you be, and why?
I read this question and immediately went to my husband. He was a mechanic/in the automotive industry for many years, and I knew he would have my answer. He offered:
  • ·         The seat because I like holding butts,
  • ·         The trunk because I have plenty of junk to put in it, and
  • ·         The wheel because I really get around.
After I told him to shut it and he finished cracking himself up, he finally offered the radio. I thought about it a bit, and while I was tempted to go with one of his original options, the radio seemed right. I’m a little bit all over the place, I can be entertaining, I can share info, I can sing really terrible songs or make completely inane small talk. Not to mention the fact that I could probably use some after-market upgrades. 
Basically I’m a little bit of everything. I can make you laugh, cry, shake your head and your fist…I’m sometimes the best thing you’ve come across in a long time and sometimes the most infuriating. Actually, now that I think about it, maybe I am more like a trunk…I do have plenty of junk for it.
She’s back on Monday with a fabulous Guest Post. One more week of my fabulous friends and then I will be back. The moving is going, and we are beginning to get settled in to our new home. I will have lots of stories for you when I return. Thanks for the awesome comments to my guests these past couple of weeks!!

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