>Guest Post: Begin to Dream


If you haven’t met The Crayon Wrangler, you are missing out. I am very honored to have her hanging out. Today is my 2nd wedding anniversary too. See y’all soon!!

Begin to Dream
Heart pounding.
Mouth Dry.
Hands Shaking.

It’s only been three seconds.

Don’t look.
Not yet.
Don’t dare to dream or fear.
Not Yet.

It’s only been ten seconds.

What will we do?
Don’t fear.
What will they say?
Don’t fear.
You’ve done this before.
Don’t dream.
You know what will come of it.
Don’t dream.

It’s only been one minute.

It’s been long enough, go ahead and look.
Don’t fear.
It’s starting to change.
Don’t dream.
Give it a little bit longer.
Don’t fear.
Make sure it is real.
Don’t dream.

It’s only been two minutes.

Look again.
Begin to dream.
Imagine the swollen belly.
Begin to dream.
Remember the fluttering kicks.
Begin to dream.
See the tiny hands and feet.
Begin to dream.

Heartbeat slows.
Hands Steady.
Fear removed.
Dreams begin.


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