>Guest Blog: Divine Secrets of the Chocolaholic

>Today begins the first post in my 3 week long series of guest posts. You’ll meet many of my favorite bloggers over the next 3 weeks. I’m so excited that they have agreed to guest post for me while the Drama Family moves into our new home.

Please welcome back, Rawkyn Robyn, whose blog Life By Chocolate was the Scoop of the Week on Friday!!

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It’s an honor to guest post at Drama Mama’s site. Thank you, DM! Unlike many of you, I am single (divorced) and without children. That wasn’t the plan, but it’s my path. So I’m finding my way to create my own fairytale. The prompt I’ve been given for this post is “divine”. I’m not a poet, but I was in a poetic kind of mood. I hope you enjoy this offering, along with all things divine.  xo Robyn of Life by Chocolate
A child with a lisp
An awkward first kiss
 Laughter that hurts and
Hiccups in spurts
A teen who’s been jilted
A pink rose that’s wilted
 An ‘ole clunker that runs
Hot dogs without buns
A surgeon who smiles
 A friend who’s in need
A spider that scurries
Once it’s been freed
A kid who asks “Why?”
 A mommy’s bold cry.
The last piece of chocolate
Left in the box
Polka dots and plaid garments
And Tevas with socks.
A Dixie cup filled with low-end red wine
Goosebumps up the arms
What could be more divine?


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