>BSOW: Antifreeze


Today’s featured blogger is really Rawkyn. She’s got a cute little blog that is all about her life as a single lady. She’s practicing safe sex, a sci-fi centus, an ode to Wonder Woman, the pup. She’s had the blind date from hell,  and the most eligible bachelor list to make you double over in laughter. Most of all, she’s written a beautiful poem to her nephew about it never being too late that everyone should read.

It’s the fabulous, the funny Miss Rawkyn Robyn Alana Engel of Life By Chocolate!!!

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I asked her: “If you were a part in a car, which part would you be and why?”

Her answer: I would be the anti-freeze, as I strive to prevent frigidity. See my Celibacy posts for further enlightenment.”


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