>BSOW: A Very Special Day


Hurray!! The day I have been waiting on for almost a year has finally arrived. I’m SO excited!! The Best Scoop of the Week this week is: ME!!! Woot Woot Woot Woot!!


Because you see, IT’S MY SITS DAY!!!

What is SITS you ask? It’s a group of over 8,000 women who offer support through comments on a daily basis. It’s a wonderful thing. If you are not a SITS member, you need to RUN over and find out what it’s all about.

Whether you are here from SITS or not, welcome!! Feel free to take a look around. I solemnly promise there will be no poop slinging going on today. We reserve that for other days.

Grab some of that chocolate, fill up your coffee, and relax. There’s lots of things here at The Scoop on Poop to entertain you:

—There’s the preteen that hangs out here with ADHD and a mood disorder. She keeps us on our toes and definitely makes life interesting.

—There’s the preschooler going through speech therapy that keeps us guessing too.

—There’s George Clooney, my husband, who keeps us entertained with his Tales from a Taxicab.

Once in awhile I’ll even take a stance about something important like bullying. There’s an occasional giveaway and review found here too, but mostly, it’s just about me, my kids, my hubs, and my life and ALL the poop that works its way into it, literal and figurative.

And just to tell you a little more about me, in case you haven’t caught up yet: I’m a stay at home mom with a couple of extra fun hobbies. I blog, I write, am currently working on two novels, I do blog/card design. I love to sing, dance, and laugh. I try to keep it honest, and my life motto is: Don’t be too busy making a living that you forget to make a life.


I have lots of love for these three posts in particular which will tell you a whole lot more about me, The Drama Mama. Enjoy!!
The Drama Mama Tells All
Six Truths & a Lie
A Drama Mama Moment

Why don’t you take a moment and sign up to be featured as my Best Scoop of the Week while you are here?


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