>Guest Blogs: Happy Valentine’s Day

>Laura from Ziggy’s Blog is here again today to guest post about Valentine’s Day. Let’s leave her lots of love on this day of love, ok?

When you think about what Valentine’s Day stands for, most people think love, romance, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, but what about us single (divorced) folks?  I have been divorced since 1998 and I’ve been too busy to devote myself to another relationship.  I do have two daughters, so every Valentine’s Day, I take off work early (while the girls aren’t home) and I decorate.  I place heart balloons & streamers above the table, add a Valentine’s tablecloth. I pull out the “good” china (that we never eat on).  Tulips are my favorite flower, so I buy me some tulips for the centerpiece & add candles.  I then fix their favorites, which is usually chicken nuggets, french fries & corn-on-the-cob.  Then me and my two daughters have a candlelit supper. Even though I have done this every year since 1998, my girls still love it.

Valentine’s Day is a day of love, and you can use that day to show those in your life just how much you love and care for them.  Even though I tell my girls that I love them a hundred times a day, on Valentine’s day, I like to go that extra mile to show them just how special they are to me.

Happy Valentine’s Day my friends. How do you show your special one extra special love today?


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