>A Drama Mama Moment


If you give a mom a moment…

…you might notice the bags under her eyes. She’ll explain that it started with the conception of the first child and she never managed to catch it up even though her last is off to college.

…you might notice that her hands are never empty. She’ll explain that it’s okay, she doesn’t mind, her heart is just as full.

…you might notice that worried glint hiding in her eyes. She’ll explain that letting her heart walk around outside her body is her hardest adventure yet.

…you might notice that her hair is a little messy, her clothes a little frumpy, and she doesn’t always look her best. She’ll explain that there is plenty of time for beauty later because right now she’s too busy enjoying each moment with her kids.

…you might notice that she closes her eyes a little, while around her the children play. She’ll explain to you how a 5 minute catnap can give such a needed boost after being up all night with little Johnny and that darned disappearing tooth.

…you might get a sight of that little smirk she knows she ought to hide. She’ll explain that sometimes it’s hard not to laugh even though you know you shouldn’t.

If you give a mom a moment, you will catch a smile and hear an accomplishment or two. She wouldn’t be a mom if she didn’t.

If someone gave you a mommy moment, what would you say?

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