>BSOW: She’s Jon Bon Jovious


It’s Friday. That means I get the ice cream and share it with someone I crown “Best Scoop of the Week”. Someone who has sat on the waiting list for awhile, offered up her three links, and shared a  little humor with me. This particular Scoop has been very busy while she’s been waiting. Besides keeping up with her incredibly funny blog, she has also had 2 pieces of her writing published in a book, and she is a contributing author on 2 other fascinating blogs as well.

She’s done. Just plain done. She’s ready to leave her children and run off with the chocolate. She’s not afraid to speak her mind when its necessary.

The Best Scoop on the Week is Julee from Mommy’s Memorandum.

This week she was asked: “In your past lives you’ve been a goat, a king, a tree, and obviously now a woman. If you could choose, who or what would you want to come back as for your next life?”

Her response?

“Being a woman makes me happy. I’m not a feminist by any means..but in my next life if the title of Jon Bon Jovi’s soul mate is an option…I call dibbs now!”

Ha. I gotcha again. Didn’t I? Feast your eyes then head on over to Mommy’s Memorandum and leave her lots of love. She’ll be back  on Monday with a fabulous guest. post.
**Are you looking for my Red Writing Hood story? Visit My Write Side and you’ll find it.**

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