>Momma’s Boy Toys


Do you ever sometimes look at your Top 10 list of hotties, only to discover that some of them aren’t aging as gracefully as you’d hoped they would? With all these boys growing up and turning into men, the pickins are getting much, much better.

The Drama Mama recently discovered that her list needed some tweaking. Sure, those oldies but goodies will forever hold a place in her heart, but they had to make room for some fresh meat.

Today I present to you the new Top 10 hottie list, in reversed order….

10. Nick Lachey

9. Hugh Jackman

8. Kellen Lutz
7. LL Cool Jay (NCIS: LA style)
6. Paul Walker
5. Chord Overstreet

4. Orlando Bloom

3. Ian Somerhalder

2. Tom Welling

And at the very top of the list comes a man that is only beginning to make his mark as a superhero in the world of the NFL. I am today, here on my blog, confessing to having a secret lovah. My friends, please meet the only man on the face of the earth I would leave my husband for:

1. Peyton Hillis (Cleveland Browns Running Back, AKA the Juggernaut)
 He makes watching football, especially the Browns, worth it.
Nom Nom. Oh hunny, can I be your football?

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