>Wordlful Wednesday: Santa’s in Da House!


(Psst. There is a GIVEAWAY at the bottom of this post!)

Now, I know this is not the best shot, but prep as much as we wanted, and get as excited as we wanted, this is what we got. You see, there is a history of this….

*Sigh* At least he wasn’t trying to break his neck this year….

And, a little promotional never hurt anyone, right?

Are you pressed for time this year? Looking for that perfect Christmas card, but don’t want to pay $$$ for one? Love the custom work and personal picture but not the cost? Then Genie Girl Graphics has EXACTLY what you are looking for….

Here are just 3 examples of the lovely creations over at Genie Girl Graphics, just waiting to be personalized with your picture and names, many of which are available in a variety of colors:

(click images to enlarge)

Genie Girl Graphics also claims that if you can describe it, she can design it. Need proof? Here’s mine, designed just for me (by me! Ha) and I’m even willing to share:

 click image to enlarge
 click image to enlarge
 click image to enlarge
 click image to enlarge

The problem is, I can’t decide which one I like the best. Cast your vote in the comments below for a chance to WIN YOUR OWN custom designed card OR header/button for your blog from Genie Girl Graphics.

For more Wordless/Wordful Wednesday:

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