>Countdown to Thanksgiving


It’s Monday, the week of Thanksgiving, which, once it has passed, means Christmas… Black Friday shopping I’m trying to avoid this year (but GC tells  me I am doing. Um. No. If he wants it, he can do it. šŸ˜‰ ), and someday I will pull the decorations out of the box and put up the tree. But first, first comes Thanksgiving, a time to remember all the blessings in our lives, and say “thanks”. So, as my tribute to Thanksgiving, I’m going to do a countdown of the top 4 things I am thankful for.

So, here goes nothing!

#4: I am thankful for my life. It hasn’t been pretty, it’s had a lot of rough patches, but, it is mine. It has shaped and molded me into the woman, mother, wife, writer I am today. The journey is not yet over, and I am looking forward to whatever else it has in store for me, good or bad, rich or poor, sickness and health. (Yeah, I know, cheesy, but that’s me too).

All the laughter, the many, many tears, and even the love that my life has brought me, is all I am thankful for.  I may not be in the best of health. I may not be able to hear very well, and my eyesight is fading, too, but I have life, and I have been blessed to experience so much of it:

I have learned:

  • the art of friendship. The blessing of being a friend and having them, online and off.
  • the gift of loving. The blessing of giving love, being loved, and finally, loving myself.
  • the process of happiness. The blessing of appreciating what life has given me instead of what life has not.
  • acceptance. The blessing of learning to accept life as it is, as it was, and however it may become.
What are you thankful for?

The images used in this post are not my own.

5 thoughts on “>Countdown to Thanksgiving

  1. >All great things to be thankful for.I'm thankful for the health of my children and extended family. So many people I know are sick or dealing with cancer. I just can't imagine.

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