>NaNoWriMo: Switching Gears


So, I survived week 2, and I am now going strong, only…I switched to another story. With this new story I have been writing for 3.5 days and I already as many words and pages as it took me 2 weeks to labor over with Weathered. Now, before you get on my case, I do intend to finish Weathered, but not on a deadline. Weathered is a good idea that popped in my brain, but, honestly, it is out of my league. I know nothing about my protagonist’s world, and if I am going to keep a sense of realism, I will need to research and learn. You just can’t do this in 30 days, with a need for 50,000. Plus? I don’t think Blair likes me very much. She stopped talking to me.

So, what are you writing now?

I am writing what I know. What I live and breath, what I can’t pass by in a bookstore without purchasing at least one of, and always have to have on hand: Fantasy.

Would you like a sample? Remember, there is no editing being done, so this is rough and raw, but enjoy.

The Unlikely Hero
Far away on the top of the world, the drums have started, calling more and more creatures to the Crystal Castle. Rtharo’s power is increasing, and as his power grows, his call to the Ruby grows with it. Ulia’s power is increasing too, drawing off Rtharo. Her incantations are becoming more bold as the creature grows within the egg. Soon, it would be hatching. Her calls to her dead ancestors were being answered. The Catacomb of Illusions located deep within the bowels of the castle was awakening; the specters of the evil dead once more marching. She called their leaders one by one:
By the Monolith of Tio-rus!
By the Tides of Oroc-Og!
By The Blood of Wi’unegelu!
I command you to arise, Seifus the Malecontent!
By the Six Horns of Emot-erer!
By the Stones of Quror-oxym!
By the Claws of Meor-oith!
I command you to arise, Erik of Vesiminy!
By the Ancient Sorceress of Maunoial!
By the Torch of Wo’began!
By the Heart of Nary-lere!
I command you to arise, Baltasar the Bloody!
By the Infinite Myriads of Haridox!
By the Eight Bands of Feao-Lunet!
By the Wings of Ar’galopri!
I command you to arise, Reheloth of the Dragons!
By the Winds of Sau’tangaul, I invoke thee!
By the Lost Souls of Ei-gloranth, I invoke thee!
By the Power of Rtharo, I INVOKE THEE!
As each ancient king arose from the dead, the world began to shake. The louder she chanted the greater the earth shook until a crack ran up the side of the Crystal Castle, and she knew it was complete. The Legion of Lost Souls had returned, and no man dare get in their path.


4 thoughts on “>NaNoWriMo: Switching Gears

  1. >Yay! I'm so excited you switched. I like the other story, but your poems last week really showed me you have an amazing talent for fantasy. And I'm all for writing what comes easily for you during NaNo.

  2. >It's definitely better to write when you know with the NaNo deadline. Which is why I switched stories at the last minute, right before Nano started. Usually I switch stories around the end of week one, but for once Im still going strong on story #1. Sounds like you really know what you're doing with the fantasy stuff. I think that would be fun to write.

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