>Poetry is the Poop

>Many moons ago, I ran a poetry meme. It didn’t go very long because there wasn’t much interest (and that’s okay). For a long time, poetry and songwriting were my therapy, then somehow I just lost touch with my writing. Today, I am sharing some of the poems I have written. There used to be many, many more, but they’ve gotten lost over the years. Enjoy!

Ode to A Mother (written for my MIL after she died)

For one who is so very much loved
We know there is a place above
Where she is enclosed in loving arms
Safe now forever from all harms.
We were blessed for so many years
We can’t help but cry a thousand tears
From our hearts she will never be far
For to us, she is our shining star.
Our time together was well spent
Yet in our parting, our hearts are rent
So with this, we simply say “So Long”
Someday, we’ll be together where we belong.

Let’s go with a little fantasy, shall we?

The Secret

Shhh!!! I have a secret I would like to share
Follow me through this window if you dare.
Come with me to lands asunder
Your eyes will be spellbound in wonder.
Through the window you cannot see
There is much more beneath that willow tree.
Hidden in its depths you will find
A Long Ago world we left behind.
A place where dragons still rule the land
And thieves go hunting with their band.
A place where magick still is strong
And the very brave can do no wrong.
A place where heroes are abound
And legends with a song are wound.
A place where festivals never cease
And rites of honor brought them peace.
A world few see and fewer go
And only those with imagination know.
Shhh!! I’ve got a secret I’d like to share
Follow me through this window if you dare.

Adren’s Song

This is a song of the glorious days,
Days of ages Faraway,
When dragons roamed the forests deep,
And heroes did their castles keep.
Treasures hidden in a forgotten cave,
Recovered by only the very brave.
A better tale of hunting could not be told,
Than this of Adren and his Ariangold.
A simple magician he planned to be,
Til gleams of fire his eyes did see.
He ventured out, his sword in hand
To behold this evil possessing the land,
An ancient dragon with flaming breath
Engulfing the town in fiery death.
His maiden fair he could not find,
Her presence weighed heavy upon his mind.
He hunted the dragon to his very lair,
And caught the dragon unaware.
Thus is the tale of Adren and his Ariangold,
The story of true love and legends foretold.

There are more, but I will save them for another post. Feel free to leave me a comment. I’d love to hear what you think of the poems.


6 thoughts on “>Poetry is the Poop

  1. >These are really good. Really!I used to write poetry in highschool and had them all in a book but I ended up throwing them away becauseI was embarrassed by them. That's what a crappy self confidence does. I kick myself now for letting go of them.

  2. >I enjoy reading poems… i used to write them a year ago… i don't know what happened. my muse hasn't been helping with poetry these days… i enjoyed the Adren's Song a lot. it has this essence of fantasy and bravery… just what i wanted to read on a sober Saturday night to bring my spirits high. thanks for this creation.

  3. >I've never been a poet. I failed an entire unit in English class in high school because I refused to write what was sure to be the worst poetry in history.These are really fun. I could never write poetry like this. Even if you had to give up your meme, you should write more.

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