>Red Writing Hood: Waiting


She stands at the shore, holding her flashlight high, her heart on her sleeve, just as she promised she would until he came home. He left on his brand new fishing ship months ago. She had only received one letter, just before the big storm. It was filled with his love for her so she would have no doubts. It reminded her that he would be home soon. 
Thunder rolled, lightning flashed, the waves came crashing like a wall. The winds blew out the beacon on the lighthouse. She didn’t fear for him; he knew the ocean. He would ride out this storm like he had any other and come sailing in when his cargo hold was filled. He would smile at her because she kept her promise.  
Lost at sea, the coast guard had said. Impossible, she thought. 
She was his beacon of light, standing strong on the shore, flashing her light so he can find his way home.

Critique welcome.

16 thoughts on “>Red Writing Hood: Waiting

  1. >I echo what the others have said…you do an amazing job of creating characters with so few words! I felt her pain, her denial, her belief in him. And my heart ached. Great job.

  2. >So short and yet there was everything in it. I enjoyed it. It had love, hope, pain, and so many other emotions… and suddenly the lady in the picture looks so much like your protagonist… good job.

  3. >I can't believe you wrote something so short! lol But you did it really, really well. Short and too the point and you managed to get plenty of emotion in there. Well done!

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