>BSOW: A Marvelous Lifetime


It’s time to share the ice cream again. This week’s recipient is absolutely marvelous too. From cleaning up dog poop at 2 am, being awakened in a rainforest, to venting with style over wine and cheese, this blogger deserves some ice cream!!!

Who is it? It’s Marvi Marti!!!

Marvi Marti

“If Lifetime were to make a movie of your life, who would play you and why?”

Holly Hunter if I got to chose. She is spunky, like me, and I’ve always just adored her. She stars in my favorite movie “Always” and so I related to that character.

She is not a girly girl, which I am not either, but still feminine.  I think she’d do well playing me, as I’ve had a lot of ups and downs in my life and she is very talented!!

So, there you have it. You know you want to experience more of the goodness that is Marvi Marti, so run on over and leave her some love today. She will be back on Monday to guest post!!

Thanks for letting me interview you, Marti. Good luck with the safari.


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