>Starbucks and Poop: Who’s In It to Win It?


See this? This could be yours with $25 worth of free, yummy, Starbucks on it. All you have to do is shoot the poop with me, until November 1, at midnight (so really, November 2). All you have to do is comment as often as you can, and use the word “poop” in your comment. It’s THAT easy. Plus, poop is a lot of fun to say. However shoots the poop the most (using the word poop) wins the $25 Starbucks.

If you need help, here’s a sample of some of the awesome comments I have received already this week:

“I hope she used her best “no soup for you” Soup Nazi impersonation when she rejected your request for a prompt? Great story about listening to life’s little messages. I’m glad you took your friend up. The world of journalism would be a different place without you 🙂 Poop. Poo. (not sure what that is all about but thought I would join in?)”

“oh my, when I read your blog, I about pooped my pants. And then when I saw that Starbucks was involved, another round of poop. “

“How do spidey & the angel poop in those costumes? Can’t be easy”

 See how easy that is? And you know, I’d REALLY like to send you that Starbucks. You look like you could use it. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are only in season for a little while. You know you want it…


12 thoughts on “>Starbucks and Poop: Who’s In It to Win It?

  1. >The final moments of our opportunity to talk about poop are coming to an end. That's kind of sad because it has been fun to let all of the poop out of my mind these last few days. I'm pretty sure that anyone with children 3 and under have lots of poop to deal with in their lives. We just don't have many opportunities to talk about it 😉

  2. >oh no, that last comment/rant entitled "What the poop" was mine, but I accidentally wrote it under my husband's account…sorry about that! Can I copy and paste it under my name again?

  3. >I would like to title this rant, "What the poop?" Dear Target,"What the poop?" Did you seriously mark your Halloween candy only 30% off today when everyone in the entire nation, nay, universe, knows that Halloween candy is 50% off the day after Halloween? I was so excited when I left for your store this morning, only to find out this poop-filled fact upon arriving in the busy Halloween aisle. I am seriously pooped off about this…okay, maybe not, but I'm pretty poopin' sad 😦 Sincerely,A Very Sad Customer

  4. >Stephanie,Is the winner the person who uses the word "poop" in the greatest number of comments total or is it the person who uses the word "poop" the greatest number of times in one comment?Just thought I'd check…I'm sure I could pull a story out of my pooper (does that count? 🙂 ) that would utilize the word "poop" enough times to make you cry 🙂

  5. >The poop continues…I got some great deals on meat this week, but made a very poopy decision. I left it in the fridge, and when I started to pack it up for freezing, I found most of my refrigerated stuff was full of blood. Very poopy moment. Then, right in the middle of the clean up, my daughter literally decided to take a poop. I'm not sure which one was worse to clean up.

  6. >Well poop my pants, and step in the poo. One of my poopy comments is on this post. Now really, if you want to know about poop, I should win the starbucks card. Why, because I'm a pooping machine, and if I'm going to always been pooping on the throne, I might as well be enjoying all the poopy flavors they serve at starbucks. Here's pooping at ya. 🙂

  7. >My daughter has recently learned how to say "poo poo" when she poops. It's not "poop", but it's pretty close and she's only one, so I thought it was worth mentioning 🙂 I like to think that it's only a matter of time before she learns to poop on the toilet. I'm dreaming over here, but hey, changing poop is no fun, so….a girl has to dream!

  8. >You know, would love the Starbucks gift card because I am constipated and drinking their coffe makes me poop. It's like a liquid laxative but a more gentler and satisfying one. I haven't pooped in like 2 days and could really use a good poop. I would hate to see my neurosurgeon on Monday and him tell me that it's not my back that is making me hurt. It's the gigantic poop that's pressing on my spine. That would be so awkward to have a poop do that. Poop be with you 😉

  9. >The only problem with Starbucks? Is that coffee? Makes me poop. A LOT of poop. And since coffee is typically consumed first thing in the morning, it is often not a conveniently timed poop. It's more of a workplace poop. I do not like pooping in the workplace. I feel all my other coworkers are silently calling me "Poop Girl." Trust me, you do NOT want to be known as The Girl who Poops a Lot. Just sayin'.

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