>PINT: Things LittleTurds Do for Fun


Only Parent Chronicles

And? There will be some fun next week. We are going to have a CONTEST. Yes, that’s right. A CONTEST. It’s going to be the biggest POOP on the internet ever. $25 Starbucks gift card up for grabs, too. 


7 thoughts on “>PINT: Things LittleTurds Do for Fun

  1. >Oh. MAH. LAWD…my son dropped laundry soap on the floor from the counter and the bottle exploded. We were all slipping in that crap…we still are!! At least our feet are always clean 🙂

  2. >That sounds like a really fun game of hide-n-seek!! And Scooby sounds like he enjoys a lot of the same things as my Jack. I'm very thankful we haven't painted with poop yet though!

  3. >I would tell you to have him go hide and you will "find" him, but that would only lead to disaster. My son likes to take things out of stuff. e.g. My PURSE! Little … turd! 😉

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