>BSOW: Daisies for Dinner


It’s that time of the week again. I know y’all are dying to know who wins the prestigious triple scoop award. Today’s winner comes from Arizona. She’s recently began a new blog when her life shifted directions and she realized she needed a new outlook and a fresh beginning. She managed to keep her humor and her sweet personality intact and her new blog is just as fabulous, in fact MORE fabulous than her old blog was. She can tell you how much power a blink holds. She’s in a powerful search for who she is. She’s even got a cool thing going on called Project Blonde.

Please give my fabulous fellow ex-scooper, Daisygirl from The Daisy Approach (formerly A Daily Scoop of Chaos), a warm poopy welcome.


Dinner with my Angel

Drama Mama asked me “If you could have dinner with anyone, famous or infamous, dead or alive, who would it be and why?”
I thought about a hot guy. A movie star, a UFC wrestler, an Idol, But really there is only one person I would love to have dinner with. My Mom would be my date. She would have to travel far being that she is in Heaven but I would pay for her trip. Yes it may look weird having dinner with a ghost…well that would be only if I was the only one who could see her. I have so many questions I want answered. I just want to know what her favorite color is. I want to know if she can see me whenever she wants. I want to know that she is happy. I would be curious of what food she would order. I don’t even know what her favorite food was.
Dinner with an Angel would be fabulous! Love you Mom!!!


Don’t forget to stop by The Daisy Approach and leave Daisygirl some lovin. She’ll be back tomorrow to guest host here on The Scoop on Poop. You know you want to read that!!!

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