>PIN/ONHD Tuesday: You Won’t Believe This

That One Mom




Now, I want to read all about your Oh No S/He Didn’t experiences and asshat* neighbors, husbands and/or bosses, so post it up, and link it up over at Live and Love…Out Loud. I can’t wait!

This post is a part of the Word Up Yo! meme.

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24 thoughts on “>PIN/ONHD Tuesday: You Won’t Believe This

  1. >First, I am jealous that you even have FIOS. You should definitely make your neighbor pay to have it fixed! I would be furious to. I would hope he apologized.

  2. >Wow. I decided 5 years ago that one of our neighbors was dead to me after he threatened to shoot our other neighbor's dog (for jumping up on him to be petted). The neighbor and his dog have since moved, but the asshat is still here.

  3. >Oh doo dah day, I can't believe it! Now you need to come up with the Neighbor of the Year award. For some reason, I'm thinking it looks like a giant bull mastiff taking an elephant sized poop in his yard.

  4. >Oh my goodness! Some people are really lacking in the brains department! I've seen enough "call before you dig" signs in my life to know that if you're going to dig a trench, you need to make a call first! What an idiot! That's a man for you. lolThanks so much for stopping by and playing along Drama Mama! I didn't have any participants last week and was ready to give up ONHD altogether. šŸ˜¦ Yes, I'm being a whiny baby. lol I'm glad your Internet is up and running again. Good luck with that gem of a neighbor! Have a great day.Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama

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