>2 Truths & a Lie Thursday: Potty Training 101


Welcome! Tell 2 truths and a lie and make us guess which is the lie.
You’ve played this game before, so why not join The Scoop on Poop and CA Girl every Thursday by:
1. Grabbing the handy little button on the sidebar
2. Posting your 2 truths and a lie
3. Link up
4. Reveal your lie the next week!
5. Visit others who link up and leave a comment guessing their lie.
It’s that easy!! You know you want to play!! Link up today!!
Last Week’s Fact or Fiction
1. GC is not house trained.
True. He still needs training. He doesn’t do much to help around the house, often even neglecting the trash, and rolls his eyes when he is asked to give his son a bath.
2. Jellybean loves her new teacher.
True. She is really happy that she got the teacher she wanted. At least one of us is. I’m going to have to fight to get her on a 504 program obviously. *sigh*
3. Scooby is 100% potty trained
False. And oh how I wish it were true!! He is 100% pee trained, but poop? Forget it. This is why I have stocked up on Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars. If he wants one bad enough, he will do it. He’s done it once, and again, a tiny bit this morning. I know he can do it.
2 Truths & a Lie
1. My favorite food of all is pasta.
2. My favorite cereal is Froot Loops.
3. My favorite ice cream flavor is Ben & Jerry’s Coconut Seven Layer Bar.

Can you tell the truths from the lie?
Don’t forget to link up here and over at CA Girl’s place. Thanks for playing!


10 thoughts on “>2 Truths & a Lie Thursday: Potty Training 101

  1. >Oh see, my husband isn't trained either. ANd perish the thought of him helping at all with baths. Haha.I think # 2 is the lie. No reason. Just the one I feel like picking. haha.I am such a dork, I forgot to include Mr. Linky. Oh well.

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