>Wordless Wednesday: Lost in your Eyes

>I meant to continue with the back to blogging bash SITS is having, but circumstances beyond my control have made for a very crappy Tuesday, resulting in a lot of running around on Wednesday, WITHOUT INTERNET. Yes, thats what I said. My Fios battery box is pitching a fit, but hopefully tomorrow, they will fix it. I hope so, because this Sprint card is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOW. Haha. Better then nothing at all though. I’ll save all that for Oh No He Didn’t Tuesday next week. You are NOT going to believe it.

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6 thoughts on “>Wordless Wednesday: Lost in your Eyes

  1. >no internet?!?!? Are you able to keep that boy in time out when he is supposed to be in it? because I have the big brown eyed version over here and he actually can make me feel bad for time outs with those eyes.trouble!

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