>Guest Blog: Band of Brothers

>Baby E’s back today. I’m very happy to have him here, watching over my castle while we relax at the beach. Please leave him lots of love. Here’s Baby E from Good Day Regular People. If you missed his feature, just click here.

Hi. It’s fun to be here again today. Yesterday I talked about being the President. And today Drama Mama asked me to write a story using the two words, “laughter and friendship.”
This is fun to do. Here is my story.
OK, so. Oh, yeah. I made a dominoes class. And I’m charging 25 cents for 15 minutes of learning. And so, my brothers and father took the class. I like to do funny things that bring laughter to my family.
And like, really, really hard laughing. Like burst out laughing where your stomach hurts and you want to fall down or it feels like you want to go to the bathroom. Sometimes when my biggest brother makes up words to songs like “Eat It” instead of “Beat It” and says, “Grab yourself an egg and beat it..” I laugh till I feel dizzy and thirsty.
Also, it’s kinda of weird cuz I have a friendship with my brothers, and so they are my friends of my own. My mom says I’m a very likeable person.
My family is friendly with each other, and we have laughter. And, also, I think my brothers are funny people. People being funny to each other is nice, and when I think of laughter it feels like I am having a good time and it feels like everything is with no problems and nice and you don’t think about anything bad or about trouble. 
I have laughter with my brothers and have friendship with them.


Have a great weekend! Thanks for hanging out in my castle, Baby E! I hope you had as much fun as I did!!


22 thoughts on “>Guest Blog: Band of Brothers

  1. >Baby E, you definitely are likeable – I can tell just by reading your posts! And it is SO great that you are friends with your brothers too. I love that you laugh so hard that you get dizzy and thirsty. You have a wonderful family πŸ™‚

  2. >That is so sweet! I love laughing with my boys and husband. It definitely diffuses tension and bad moods quickly! This was a a sweet post. I love reading about brothers being friends. πŸ™‚

  3. >Thank you, Steph, for being so awesome to Baby E. He loved being part of guest blogging, and you've thrilled him with this.You are the BEST at this, I've told you before, but guesting for you is a gas.THANK YOU! We'll take good care of the place while you're getting sand in your panties….(not in a bad way, either.)

  4. >Baby E, you are wise beyond your years! Laughing (and making people laugh) will get you through many hard times….also may make you pee your pants, but that's OK.And family laughs? The best kind.

  5. >That was so dang cute. My two best friends are my sisters, mostly because we find the same stuff hysterically funny. I don't laugh with anyone the way I do with them.

  6. >I'm glad your family gets along great. Hug your mom and dad super tight for that one! You know, brothers are special, all I have are brothers, too. But you'll have many friends in your life, but your brothers will always stand beside you and you're bonded with blood. Plus, if you accidentally break their stuff, they have to love you anyway!! I'm so glad your family is close and awesome.

  7. >Great post once again, Baby E:) I'm so glad that you and your brothers are such great friends & can laugh so much together. Also the dominoes class? Brilliant idea:)

  8. >e,that is the power of laughter…i am glad that you are friends with you rfamily. i think that is important because they will be the ones that last through out the years….and not just because they have to be since they are family.so what do you teach in dominos class…is it building or actually playing dominos?b

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