>BSOW: Meet Mr. President


We’ve got someone VERY special to share the ice cream with today. I met him through another blogger. He doesn’t post but once a week, but the wait? Definitely worth it. There’s a story about the time he thought he was going to jail. He gives deep meaning to his words. He loves candy. He’s got Pancho Villa down to a T. He evens gives out DadPoints. He even gets to live in a castle and rule his empire. I know you are wondering by now who is he already?

It’s Baby E! Baby E is the youngest son of a fabulous blogger, The Empress. He spends Mondays over at Good Day Regular People talking about his life, and man, is it good.

I asked Baby E: “If you were President of the United States, what would you do first?”

If I were the President of the United States, the first thing I would do is have no school. For anybody. You can just learn the stuff you want to, not what you have to. 
And everyone would have the job they wanted. And there wouldn’t be money, because that way you could work for fun. And you could trade your stuff that you have for stuff you need or want. That would be nice. Just trading for stuff.

I also would let everyone pick where they want to live. It could be your choice.

Then I would give all kids their own computers.

I would like to live in the White House the most. And I would have the chef there do all the cooking so that my mom could play with us more. She always says now, “I’m cooking.”  If someone cooked, she could play. 

Also, I would give myself my own pool in my room. That would be so cool. I would swim as soon as I got up and before I went to bed and have soap right there so I”d never have to take a shower again.

I also would have cleaning people so we wouldn’t have to do chores. 

I would make sure that cable TV wasn’t something you had to pay for, so you could get it for free.

I would make sure that planes were free, too, and everything else you wanted to do, so I could go to Disneyland over and over. And I would make it so my mom didn’t have to work so she could go with me.

Straight from the mouth of babes. Hey, I’d vote for you anyday, Baby E!! Now, what are you still doing here? Run on over to GDRP and see what he’s up to now. 
Have a great weekend!!

21 thoughts on “>BSOW: Meet Mr. President

  1. >Baby E, are you sure your mom is really "cooking"? She may be "blogging"…;-)I know what you mean about the money thing. I do wonder what the world would be like if we didn't care about money. Like you said, we'd be doing the things we really want to do, rather than doing the things we have to do. That's one of the bad parts about being a grown up…Baby E for president!! One thing's clear – I can tell how much you love your mom and want to spend time with her πŸ™‚

  2. >Trisha: yeah, no cable really gets to Baby E. He always tells everyone we're "too poor" for cable. Just lovely, in a small town.xoxoImperfect Momma: Thank you for stopping over and leaving a msg for Baby E. A pool in a room, nice, huh? Bossy Betty: thank you for coming and visiting Baby E here. His world is all about his needs, Makes me laugh. Even cooking, he'd rather go hungry than have me not play…xoBrian: thank you so much for the way you are always supporting baby e with your comments. What a kind man you are. Alisha: you know, I'd vote for him, too…Good to see you! Thank you for supporting Baby E today.Natalie: thank you for coming over and saying hi to baby e. Hawaii for me, too! Vote Baby E!Organic Mom: HELLO! Yup, he'd make a great prezz…Kelly: thank you so much for stopping over and commenting for baby e. I know, he wants some goooood stuff.MOPG: if he can do it, he will. Good to see you here, thank you. Tiff: you must really want those shoes, you asked for them twice ( I kid! I kid!) Thanks for coming over…Joey: I know. That's what he says, too. "Order pizza, then we can play."

  3. >could we even trade shoes? like, of the super cute, peep-toe pump variety? or a sassy 5 inch platform wedge?if so, then you have my vote for sure…if you could work on making it possible for me to lose weight while eating ice cream too, that would be awesome.

  4. >could we even trade shoes? like, of the super cute, peep-toe pump variety? or a sassy 5 inch platform wedge?if so, then you have my vote for sure…if you could work on making it possible for me to lose weight while eating ice cream too, that would be awesome.

  5. >Dramamama, you are so cool to ask Baby E to guest post. You so rock the casbah.Okay… so maybe I haven't voted but in the last election — just kinda figured out how important politics were, please don't kill me!!– But Baby E, you totally have my vote!! How about to make you the best prez EVER in all the mothers' eyes, can all of us bloggy/worky moms have a cook, too? And the pool is too cool, but I can't give up my nice, hot bath. Its my sleeping pill. πŸ™‚ I will so totally vote for you!!! Go get on those ballots for 2012 NOW! And I totally say you need T-shirts.

  6. >e,so when are you running for president? smiles. quick suggestion, what if there was a water slide at the end of your bunk bed down to the pool? now how cool would that be?hope your mom gets that cook too so she can play more.have a wonderful weekend e!b

  7. >Thank you so much, Stephanie! Baby E couldn't believe someone wanted him to visit their castle, too.He has always liked saying, "scoop on poop" and "dramamama". He knows you were the one to gift him with his sunshine bloggy award, and now the first to guest post him, too.You are a wonderful, sweet, kind lady…and thank you.I'm not so crazy about baby e's no money idea if he were president…but I kinda get where he's going with that.Thanks again, you do the BEST hosting!!xoxoxo smooch. from all of us here.

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