>You Know You’re A Mom When True Stories

>Hi. Did you miss me?

Sometimes life happens in unexpected ways. For example:

You know you’re a mom when….
–you are too busy to realize you have to pee… until you sneeze.
–you go digging in your bag for a pen only to pull your hand out covered in crumbs.
–you can read Where the Wild Things Are before you even open it.
–strangers nod knowingly as you try to keep your toddler from stripping his undies and shorts off right there in the cart because he has to pee.
–you break out in cheers of “Let’s Go Pee Pee (clap, clap, clap clap clap)” in public restrooms to help your toddler pee in the toilet.
–your idea of a newly tiled floor is walking over the Hot Wheels that have taken up permanent residency in your kitchen
–you find yourself picking up the phone to call the nearest insane asylum and check yourself in.

And finally…
You know your a mom when you can’t wait to get on the computer and blog/tweet about the latest and cutest thing your speech delayed child is saying.

On that note, it tickles me pink to watch my 2 play hide and seek. Jellybean seems to always do the hiding, and Scooby is always the one doing the counting, but he doesn’t seem to mind. The sounds of “Two, Six, Three, Nine, TEN!” “Rea-y o nah, I come!” never fail to put a smile on my face. The only thing that beats that is the sound of my son’s laughter when I count for him and end it with “Ready or Not Here I Come!!!”. He’ll come rushing out from wherever he was put to count, full on laughing and giving his location away.

It’s good to be back. I’ve missed you.


16 thoughts on “>You Know You’re A Mom When True Stories

  1. >Ahh, all the little kid stuff is but a memory, but the pee sneeze happens on a regular basis!Also, I remember when my 2 oldre grandkids lived with us, they were like 2 and 3, my younger kids, 9 an 11, would play hide-and-seek with them. The problem was, when they were practicing countaining, they always thought that "ready or not here I come!" was after 10! I loved it!Bernicehttp://bernicewood.wordpress.com/2010/08/19/can-you-please-turn-down-the-noise/

  2. >Aw! I love when they get to the age to play games and really get the premise. Bella says, "Watch out! I'm comin'!" even though we keep telling her it's "ready or not…"

  3. >I have SO MUCH in my purse, including diapers & a ton of Star Wars "guys"! I loved reading the hide-n-go-seek interaction. It sounds like my house! Awww! On another note, I posted the award you gave me a while back on my blog w/ a link to yours. I also left you some dessert. 🙂

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