>BSOW: Medusa Syndrome


It’s that time of the week again! The time when I forgo my diet to whip out the yummy tri-colored ice cream and give it away!! Yep. I give my ice cream away.

I find this blogger to be delightfully funny. Her husband finds himself at the end of his rope, and she blogs about it. Read what happens when narcissism is faced with puppies and rainbows thinking. She even has a tendency to let her ego do the talking. Intrigued?

Please give a warm poop-filled welcome to Sandra of Absolutely Narcissism. (cue sounds of John Travolta belting out “Oh Sandy!”)

I asked her: “What mythological beast/being do you associate with and why?”

I most associate with Medusa. According to Greek mythology, this ugly bitch with snakes for hair would turn anyone who looked directly into her eyes to stone.
No, I don’t turn anyone to stone. But when I don’t straighten my hair, I make Medusa’s dreads look like spun silk.
Make sure you come back tomorrow for her guest post. You want to know if she brings Medusa or her typical narcissistic self. 
By the way, I enjoyed my blogcation, only to come back and find that my neighbor snipped my Fios cable (at least that is what we think, since we can’t find any other solution to fixing our phone/tv/internet), so I am on sparingly. At least I have good blog fodder for next week, eh? Also, this means that I am having a difficult time commenting on blogs because the laptop won’t let me. I will play catch up as soon as I am back up and running on my regular pc. Grrr.
Happy weekend!!

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