>Waving from the Balcony

>No, I’m not quitting, I’m just enjoying the last of our summer vacation with the kids, and having a great time. This will be a summer to remember. I will be back with 2 Truths & a Lie on Thursday and to feature another Fabulous blogger on Friday. I hope to find some time to catch up on all my favorite reads, and visit all my lovely commentors. Y’all deserve it. Ta Ta For Now, or as Tigger would say “TTFN!”

P.S. See those lovely tabs at the top of the page? Feel free to get some poop on you. 😉


9 thoughts on “>Waving from the Balcony

  1. >Hope you enjoyed your mini-break. School starts back on Wednesday for us. Unfortunately, that's also a big deadline for me so we won't be having any big end-of-summer days. But I'm glad you did!

  2. >Enjoy! There's something really special about the last days of summer…well as long as you don't cock them up with a bunch of crazy running around!

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