>BSOW: There’s Cow Poop in Here


Did you know cows like ice cream? No? Me either. But the ice cream goes to Ericka of Alabaster Cow this week. She’s got a delightful little blog that upon first entrance promptly tells you all about her fabulous hiney and how you can see it on a regular basis. She’s not afraid to go out in public wearing only green paint. She’s the creator behind the fabulous Stick Figure Saturdays meme. She had fun times with Shits & Giggles Sunday (and featured Moi). She gives interventions.  She’s half of the Red Dress Club.  She the originator behind the popular Blogflow website, and she still finds time to teach you how to write a book. Her fans are called alabastards. And today, she takes a moment off of her vacation to hang out at the Scoop on Poop.

I asked her: “If you were a goddess, what would you do to the world (and why?)”

If I were a goddess, I would love the unloved. I believe our lives are directly affected by the love we are afforded. Everyone should feel that they’re of value.

I would also make cheese vegan.

Ericka will be back tomorrow with a fabulous guest post. Don’t forget to stop on back by!!! Run over to her place and check out her blog. You will not be disappointed.
Happy Friday the 13th!!

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