>Pour Your Heart Out: The Art of Friendship, Edition 6 Volume 4

This is my first time participating in this meme. I try to keep my blog posts light-hearted and fun, but every once in awhile, life gets in the way. So, today I am pouring my heart out (and thanks to Shell for hosting this)….

I am scared. I am scared to start a friendship back up, open my heart (and my kids hearts) only to have you trample them down again. I am scared to completely ignore your multiple requests to be added to my messenger list because you might hurt me.

This does not give you the right to harass me by sending me an IM every other day, trying to be nice. I can forgive you fine, but I do not have to open my heart and let you burn us for the 3rd time. You had 2 chances. That’s one more chance then you should have had after dumping my daughter and I onto the street, breeching the trust I gave you by offering you a room in our home.

And your little tirade about my wanting my wedding pictures to be balanced, therefore I asked someone other then you because you are oh “so much smaller” than I am? Yeah that.

Well, I am still working on forgiveness a year later, because that was just wrong on so many levels. Maybe if you were more compliant with my wishes and choices and things I wanted for my wedding instead of trying to make it your own, I would have been more interested.

Maybe if you didn’t ignore my updates on how it was coming along, you would have seen that I did ask you. Maybe if you hadn’t told my 15 mo old son, who was tired and hungry after a 4 hour wedding dress trying on ordeal, to stop crying or you would give him a reason to cry, you would have been a part of my special day.

Maybe if you had stopped bitching over how many times I changed my colors (because it was my wedding after all), I would have thought you really wanted to be a part of it.

I give you excuses because you have a disease (or three or four, I can’t keep up anymore) that makes you act like the bitch you have been. But, you have worn out your welcome and I am beyond done. I feel sorry for you. I honestly do. Maybe when you’ve learned the real meaning of friendship, that it is a two-way street, people would be more willing to invite you back into their lives.

This involves learning when to shut your mouth and listen to other people’s stories sometimes. This means that even if you’ve “been through it before” you shut up and wait for the other person to finish pouring their heart out. This means that you don’t unload all your secondhand treasures junk on your best friend even though you know it’s not her taste or style. Your best friend has enough junk of her own. Trust me on that.


22 thoughts on “>Pour Your Heart Out: The Art of Friendship, Edition 6 Volume 4

  1. >Ouch. There's no pain greater than being stabbed again and again by someone you keep trying to forgive. Those people are toxic and we don't need them. Good for you for getting it out and standing your ground.

  2. >I'm so sorry girl. You can only forgive and forget so many times before you have to put you and your family first. No one is worth going through so much pain and heartache for. I'm sorry you've been through this. xoxo

  3. >oh that is a hard situation to be in. Friendships are so hard and hurt the most when things like this happen. It sounded like it was a one sided friendship here and those never work!

  4. >wow……i remember this one. It was a very nice wedding. but you are right. It is a shame that it had happened, but it has left you a much better person in the long run. things like that don't get second chances or even a 3rd in my book. but it is your desion on this one.I stuck thuogh everything with you but this one is your call. love you.

  5. >So, um, I'm getting from this that you're still angry. So you know what? You don't have to be her friend again. Tell her, "Sorry, I'm still angry, I'm not ready to have you back in my life and I will contact you when I am." You have plenty of friends who AREN'T that, so embrace them and keep her far, far away.

  6. >You are a wonderful person for even trying to forgive this "friend". Forgiveness is a hard thing, and I truly do try my hardest to forgive everybody {but not forget}. But if 1 person told MY child that if they didn't stop crying they'd give them something to cry about…. that would be the end of that relationship. Period. Forgiveness is necessary, but I definitely think you need to protect not only your heart, but also your children's heart.

  7. >Planning a wedding really brings out the crazy in people!! It's surprising how much people forget about the bride sometimes. Not to sound like a bridezilla, but sometimes bridesmaids and guests just go kinda insane.

  8. >I have sooooooo been burned like this. And forgiving is hard when there are multiple issues to deal with. Stay strong. IF it's in you to reconcile, you'll know the right time.

  9. >It's hard to let go of something like "friendship" but sometimes you have to do what's best for you. Do what makes YOU feel balanced inside…I'm sorry you've had to go thru this at all. People can be so….people-ish!*hugs*

  10. >Friendships are hard and it is important to nurture them and make sure you are being a good friend – it sounds like your "friend" was not a good friend… at all. It is a good idea to just move on. Good luck.

  11. >I'm so sorry! As I read that, I could tell you've been through a lot of heart ache and anguish. Sometimes it's so much easier to forgive than it is to forget. And sometimes, you shouldn't forget.

  12. >So you know my SIL, too? Ha ha! like a lot! I agree with the "I can forgive you but that doesn't mean I have to give you stomping rights on my heart" statement.There is a verse (Luke 3:8) and that says people must show change in keeping with repentance–i.e. Just SAYING things are better doesn't make it show. IF this person wants to be in your life, she will NEED to SHOW that she is changing and getting healthy.

  13. >You did the right thing! And stand your ground, you do not need the person in your life. And what kind of disease makes you be a bitch? This chic sounds like a user & an awful "friend". I think you should send her a copy of this post & be done with her.

  14. >You are right. And that is so hard to do. You need to keep quiet, and let the other person unload. Forget bout your needs for awhile, and just listen: that is hard to do, but that is a friendship. You shut up and listen, really hear them, too. Not just wait for your turn to talk.

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