>ISO: The Uninterrupted Nap

>*Lick, lick* *Smack, smack* *Lick, smack*

One eye cautiously opens. Two big blue eyes and a very wet nose. Eye closes quickly.

*Lick, lick* *Smack, smack* *lick, smack*

I peek through my eyelashes. Same blue eyes, same wet nose, only now wet nose is focused on blue eyes and a pink tongue takes laps around blue eyes’ face. *Smack* I feel my blankets lift, and little cold legs slide in beside me. I feel little lips touch my cheek, and an arm reach around my neck. My arm betrays my body and snakes around a little belly. My fingers gently caress a little back, while my mind hopes that it will be enough for just 10 more minutes of pretending to sleep. Just 10 more minutes of being wrapped and comfy in blankets, curled up with the snuggliness that is a 2 year old freshly awakened from his nap, who thumps my back as hard as he can, while my wet nosed puppy tries to wiggle his way between us, his crazy long curled tail whacking at my belly like a whip.

I slowly open my eyes, just in time to see little miss drama queen dive onto my bed. A quick squint at the clock. 45 minutes. Loud audible sigh reaches from my toes and out through my lips. Another squint around the room reveals a not-so-jolly, not-so-elfish husband lost in his PS3. Blue eyes and drama queen jumping on the bed. Husband playing video game. Mom with headache sleeping fuming. Very tired sleeping mom with headache dreaming of ways to maim kill hurt husband playing video game.

Husband moves. Turns. Sees. “What?” he asks.

If you’ve seen my nice, quiet uninterrupted nap, will you please send it home ASAP? I promise it exists, along with Bigfoot, the Lochness Monster, and Sasquatch.
*no husbands were harmed in the making of this blog post….unfortunately.

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