>Guest Blog: In Surround Sound

>Please welcome back yesterday’s Best Scoop of the Week, Lourie from CA Girl!!

Individuality and Laughter

When Stephanie asked me to use these words for my post, I thought:  “Hmmmm okay….”  It seemed so hard at first.  But then I realized it is everything I hope to be.  And everything I hope to pass to my children. 

When I was a kid, of course I wanted to be popular as the saying goes.  I wasn’t.  I was not without friends.  I had a lot of friends.  And they got me.  I could be myself with them.  I have a rather unique sense of humor.  I enjoy Monty Python, SNL, and the like.  The more off beat the humor the better.  I laugh at shows that shouldn’t be funny.  Example:  If I am watching 24 (no longer on air! 😦 ) I laugh my butt off when the bad guys actually think that they are going to best Jack Bauer!  It’s like a total joke and only a matter of time before he takes them out.  If you are a fan of the show, you totally get this.  If you aren’t, well you just have to have to take my word for it that when the bad guys think they are more ruthless than him, well I can’t help it.  I laugh at their stupidity!

I march to the beat of my own drum.  This makes me the individual I am.  And I hope it teaches my kids to be the individuals they can be.  I was never one to follow the crowd.  I went around school with a sock tied in my hair.  I wore two different colored socks on purpose.  I liked The Beatles (still do) and The Monkees (still do).  I was in drama.  Drama for me was the best place possible to be.  I fit right in with those people.  It was my little corner of the world where I felt I belonged.

As an adult, I have learned I don’t need to belong so much as I need to surround myself with people who share the same feelings, experiences and views as I do.  I really am enjoying digging my heels into the blogging world.  There are so many amazing women out there who are artists, writers, photographers, mothers, friends, daughters,  and sisters. 

Each of my children are their own little person.  They bring laughter to me everyday…and frustration.  But I do cherish the laughter.  And the best part of the joy and fun they bring is when I can share it in the blogging world. 

Thank you Stephanie for featuring me!  I think you are DYN-O-MITE!

Have a great weekend everyone!! See you Monday. I’m really hoping my muse returns (or this week long headache goes away).

4 thoughts on “>Guest Blog: In Surround Sound

  1. >Nice to meet you, and welcome to the dramamama club, CA girl.These guest posts here are the kickingest ones on the interweb world.You do it so well, DramaMama.Nice to meet you, CA girl!

  2. >I love Lourie's writing. I'm so glad she was featured this week! I think teaching our children to be comfortable in their own skin is one of the most important lessons we can teach our children (along with being able to laugh at ourselves:)

  3. >Teaching your children to be proud of who and what they are is one of the greatest of gifts I think a parent can bestow. Not comparing them and embracing all that they are. Lovely post.

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