>BSOW: A Blogger of Many Colors


 My muse is on vacation. I swear it. I have no idea where she went, but I hope she is enjoying herself wherever she is. Muse or no muse I still have ice cream!! And today I am sharing it with a multi-tasking momma. She has 3 blogs, all of which she updates on regular basis (can you say superwoman?). She shares her definition of beautiful on one blog, a nostalgic reunion on another, and she dreams of the simple life, will cause you to catch baby fever, and even does all her own stunts.

Who is this Superwoman? That’s easy!! I am so pleased to introduce you to my friend and Thursday co-host, Lourie from CA Girl!!!


I asked her “What is your cream filling? Why?”

Hahahaha!  I really had to think about your question.  I have to say I would be dark chocolate.  It is very sweet but it is just a tad bitter…or “dark.”  I have a dark side.  I even took one of those silly personality Facebook quizzes about which Star Wars character I am.  The answer:  Anakin Skywalker.  I am basically a good person, but I have a dark side. Hahaha.

Don’t you just love it when they are short and sweet and to the point? I can guarantee that you will always find that over at her place. She is a great blogger, with a house full of crazy kids. Make sure you check back tomorrow for her fabulous guest post.


6 thoughts on “>BSOW: A Blogger of Many Colors

  1. >Hey Lady!! I am at a resort (my cousin has a time share so we are here with his family) anyway….I got my internet up and running! Yippee! Thank you so much for featuring me! XOXOXO

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