>2 Truths & a Lie Thursday: My Favorite Things


Welcome! Tell 2 truths and a lie and make us guess which is the lie.
You’ve played this game before, so why not join The Scoop on Poop and CA Girl every Thursday by:
1. Grabbing the handy little button on the sidebar
2. Posting your 2 truths and a lie
3. Link up
4. Reveal your lie the next week!
5. Visit others who link up and leave a comment guessing their lie.
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Last Week’s Fact or Fiction

1. I have earned as much as $700/week in tips.

TRUE. I have actually made almost $900 in a week as a server back in the day before my hearing loss affected my ability to give good service.

2. I have been a candy striper.

FALSE, Y’all, this must have been too easy this week. You got it right. But then I wonder what kind of person you think I am that I wouldn’t do poop duty on a voluntary basis. Ha!! Good guessing.
3. I worked exactly 89 days at Target.  
TRUE. I did actually work exactly 89 days at Target. At the end of my shift on the 89th day, they said that I “did not meet their expectations” and they were letting me go. I’m still bitter about it because they really had no reason, but they don’t need a reason, apparently.

2 Truths & a Lie
  1.  My favorite performer of all time is Carrie Underwood.
  2. My favorite movie of all time is Mary Poppins.
  3. When I was a kid I wanted to be Tinkerbell.
Can you tell the truths from the lie?
Don’t forget to link up with your own facts or fiction post and leave a comment with your guess!

10 thoughts on “>2 Truths & a Lie Thursday: My Favorite Things

  1. >see this is hard for me because we are still just getting to know each other. I was going to say Mary poppins because really? I mean it's good and all but what about Sixteen Candles or Princess Bride or the Notebook or something?

  2. >Oooh! These ones are hard. I worked at Target for 6 months. I quit them. Let's seeeee….I say Carrie Underwood is the lie. Don't get me wrong, I like her fine. Besides I really have no clue! hahaha

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