>PIN/ONHDT: Taking a Walk on the Dark Side

I recently read something in the newspaper that really got my blood boiling. I’m not one for political discussions, and I usually avoid those conversations that can cause offense on my blog. This one, however, I am going to let my voice be heard on, and I hope that it will come across in an intelligent, serious, yet humorous way. Please be kind in your comments.

For more on snatch stench (and to laugh your snatch off): Alabaster Cow
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24 thoughts on “>PIN/ONHDT: Taking a Walk on the Dark Side

  1. >Oh, how funny, I mean about the snatch smell. I must go check out Erika's post on that! And, yes, that woman is sick – in the head – she needs counseling, medication, etc. Not jail! She'll just get even better ideas for criminal behavior in there!

  2. >I just can't get it… how on earth she could do that… I mean seriously, lying and pretending for 5 years?? OMG!! And her excuse makes me sick and want to throw up!anyway, thanks for stopping by, your blog is cute…

  3. >What a disgusting story! Of a son who's mother has cancer this is just a disgrace! She wants to fake breast cancer?? Off with the tits! Sorry, ladies but this is just sick! Now let's talk about your snatch stench…is this a musky type of thing or more of a flower gone bad type of thing? Okay, that was disgusting…Sorry, but you started! I love your post-it note thing you got going on. Just curious are they made from recycled paper cause I'm environmentally conscious, you know?

  4. >OH NO SHE DIDN'T!People who fake illnesses for attention really infuriate me. What's worse is people who fake a child's illness – forcing the child to undergo medical treatment, etc. Some people are just so sick. And you're right, abuse is no excuse. Though you should definitely get that snatch stench taken care of. Like ASAP. I mean really, the poop smells bad enough. Thanks for stopping by, linking up and playing along with OH NO HE DIDN'T! Tuesday. Have a great day! Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMamaPS Can't wait to head over and find out what this snatch stench is all about! lol

  5. >That makes me want to punch somebody, and by somebody I mean that lady. What a sick, sick thing to do.Also I've read that snorting a shark's testicle will clear that snatch stank right up…or was that for crack itch…

  6. >That is just so wrong on so many levels. I have to hope that she's mentally disturbed. Because anything other than that just isn't good enough for me.

  7. >It truly make my blood boil when people use past abuse as an excuse for illegal or bad behaviour. We've become a nation of "not my fault" which pisses me off even more. Its about personal responsibility and your decisions to do what you've done.

  8. >oh no, she didn't?!!! what the hell?!!! she, seriously, needs therapy. "i was abused as a teenager" so that gives her the right to play on people's feeling and snatch someone else's medical benefits?!!!

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