>Way Back Wednesday: Team Work


Welcome to Way Back Wednesday with The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man, The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom!,  Adventures in Mommyhood!  and The Scoop on Poop!

We loved seeing last week’s Halloween memories…so many cute ones and some that were a little…um…well, hilariously horrifying (I’m pointing at the blogger with the 1980’s workout gear!).  Great memories to share and scare us with!

Next week’s topic is…your first job!  Get those memories ready!  Were you a cashier at Jack in the Box?  Were you a bagger at a grocery store?  Were you a car washer?  Start thinking!

But this week, we’re asking that you share your dancing/sports/cheerleading team memories with us.  Were you on a dance team?  A basketball team?  Were you a peppy cheerleader?  Are we missing something that required you to be on a team (yes, we’ll even take the good ol’ drama club for this one, guys!)?

(good ol’ #40. Yep, thats me!)
Geesh I have forgotten how big glasses were back in the day. And? Yes. Those are “culottes”. We fought long and hard for the above the knee length on them too.  This is my volleyball team. We are the Lady Warriors. We were so fine. I think I really enjoyed volleyball more then any other sport I played.

And I played plenty.

When I was a kid, my mom enrolled me in Tai Kwon Do. I never earned a belt, but my sensei used to say “wow. Strong punch for a girl.”

I had wanted to do the whole drama/model/acting thing, but my mom brushed it off with a whole “I did that, too. I didn’t like it. Neither will you.” spiel. (Guess what? She was wrong. I still want to be famous someday.)

So, I did sports.

I ran track for competition. Well, that is until my starter boobs turned into full sized completely loaded C-cups. I was too embarrassed to run around the track then. Plus, I was worried that I might hurt someone else on the track.

So I tried shotput. Band. Choir. Yearbook. Softball. And volleyball.

I think we were pretty good too, making state my Senior Year. It was good times.

A lot of my childhood memories are gone, but this is one memory I can honestly say was a happy one. I loved being on that court, playing with those girls, being a part of THAT team.


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6 thoughts on “>Way Back Wednesday: Team Work

  1. >My goodness – those glasses nearly reached down below your nose!I would have loved to run track, but it was the same season as soccer.

  2. >fun meme!!!! I am so doing this one sometime. love the glasses!also, I ran track until the boobs over took me. that or I would rather be drinking California Coolers every weekend at house parties.

  3. >How fun! I played basketball, softball, and was a cheerleader (for a couple years) in high school. I was also in band. I loved being part of something.

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