>PIN/ONHDT: Date Knight with a Mushroom


You know you want to play, too, so run over to Supah’s and follow her instructions. Stop by Kristi’s to get her instructions, and make your own sticky notes, post them up, and link em up.

What Will You Say Today?


21 thoughts on “>PIN/ONHDT: Date Knight with a Mushroom

  1. >OH NO HE DIDN'T!Date night? What's date night? I vaguely remember something called date night, but haven't really gone on one for a year now! lol Sorry to hear about the lump in the gravy. I can't believe your hubby ate it. My hubby would've done the same thing though. lol Thanks for playing along again. Sorry it's taken me FOREVER to stop by. The baby's been sick all week long and it's just been way too chaotic around here for me to get all that much blogging done. Hope you have a great weekend.Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama

  2. >dude, first off I'm totally jealous of your movie theater!second, ewwww. that's gross. i can't believe he ate it and the waiter actually told you it fell in! crazy!

  3. >Oh, ew, ew, ew on the chunk in the gravy.I could eat about 3 baskets of their rolls, though. Yum. And Roadhouse Tea….mmmm, I want to go to Logan's now.I just won't order anything with gravy on it!

  4. >You have a movie theater with first class seating!!!??? I so want that here! So laughing at the mushroom post its…haha! crap! And ya that was totally the wrong thing for the waiter to say guess it was a good thing he was cute!

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