>The Versatile Beautiful Sugar Doll of Sunshine

>Just fill a bucket and fling some poop at me and get it over with. You know you want to.


Because I’ve been neglectful. I’ve been given all these awards, but I haven’t said Thank you, or even passed them on. So, today, I am making amends, cleaning up the poop, and restoring order to the universe.

My first award comes from 2 absolutely fantastic bloggers. Really? I’m a Mom and chego2thekitchen passed along the Versatile Blogger award to me. If you have not met these 2 ladies yet, you REALLY need to. Thanks so much for this award!!

I’m supposed to tell some facts about myself for some of these, so I will take care of that at the end of the post. For now, I want to pass this award along to…

My next award comes from Leksi Designs. Thanks for the award!! You totally rock!! Stop by and check her out today.
And I’m passing this award along to….
This award was passed on to me by my beautiful young, soon-to-be married friend, JessRaquel “Mo Shiorghra”. Thanks for passing this on to me. She really has a cute blog. Stop in and check it out.
No one’s ever called me a Sugar Doll before. Thanks, again, Jess!! Here are my top nominees for the Sugar Doll award…
My last award comes from Cheri at chego2thekitchen again. Isn’t she awesome? She is!! Trust me. 
And I have several blogs who really light up my day, and they are…

As for things you don’t know about me? Man that’s getting harder…

I don’t like seafood
I think Max & Ruby is boring.
My favorite movie genre is Romantic Comedy.
I’m a sucker for a good deal.
I went to a Christian private school.
I graduated from public High School
I have blue eyes.
I enjoyed my 1 child weekend.
So, go neglect your children, your job, and your home and go check out all these fabulous bloggers. I’ve got a busy day letting people know they’ve won ahead of me. 
Happy Monday!!

24 thoughts on “>The Versatile Beautiful Sugar Doll of Sunshine

  1. >Thanks! I've been an internet slacker the last few days…must be those pesky home & child-rearing responsibilities! :)I'll pass it on later this week!

  2. >The Beautiful Blogger award is already over my mantel piece! Thanks for stopping by my silly blog and letting me know UPS had arrived. I had it enlarged to the size of a movie screen, laminated and now it is annoying the heck out of all of my family members! Not me! Thanks. 🙂

  3. >from baby e: thank you for my award. i want to be your friend but the problem is that i like max and ruby and you don't. i like that they have no parents around.thank you for my award.i like my award.thank youbaby e

  4. >Congratulations on all the bloggy love! Lots of great new places to check out – thanks. And I'm seriously impressed you're only bored by Max & Ruby – it seriously makes me want to stick an ice pick in my ear

  5. >Well. Now. I would NEVER fling poop at the original poop flinger. Never!THANK YOU for the award!! I typically suck at the rules of those things – but am so honored. "I would like to thank the academy…":p

  6. >THank you so much for this award! It's so flattering! I totally agree that Max and Ruby is boring – but I do like Max's "up to something" look – it's the shole reason I pay attention to it when Will is watching!xo Erin

  7. >i used to like max and ruby when i was younger. mind you, i have been watching cartoons for almost my entire life, and i was amused by these bunnies.thanks for the award 🙂

  8. >Beat ya to it! Haha. Congrats to you you Versatile, beautiful sugar doll you! And thank you very much! Muah!The one redeeming quality about M&R is.. it is quiet. Very quiet. Dora and Diego SHOUT FOR THE ENTIRE SHOW! Haha.

  9. >That's a lotta awards! So who isn't totally bored by Max & Ruby? I forbid my little kids from watching it- I can't take Ruby's whiney voice. We have enough real-life-whine here at my house, I don't need to be hearing it on TV as well. Congrats on all your awards.

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