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Man I love putting that button up there. It really makes me drool. I can just taste the sweet strawberry, succulent chocolate and smooth vanilla in that bowl. How I manage to give that bowl away every week amazes me.

Want to know who else amazes me? Today’s featured blogger. This lady has developed her own parenting mantra, a remedy for serenity, and has a bonafide ronious. I just love the things her daughter says, too. I could spend an easy hour just reading the scrolling banner of Girlisms.  She’s got 13 virtues at her disposal too. I find her absolutely fascinating.

It is my pleasure to introduce you to the world of an Everyday Mommy living in a state of Everyday Bliss.

Everyday MommyEveryday Bliss

“Whats the one thing you hated your mom doing and promised yourself you wouldn’t do as a mom yourself yet find yourself doing anyway?”
I’ve been pondering this question since you sent it to me and nothing really comes to mind. It might be because I’m an older mom, at 47 I don’t immediately recall the annoying things my mom did when I was my daughter’s age, which is three.  I did have to laugh though, when I heard myself say “Your cruising for a bruising” which is directly from my mother’s playbook. My mom would have followed this statement up with a spanking but since we haven’t and do not plan on using spanking as a punishment my words were comical at best. When I said it my daughter said, “What’s a bruising, Mommy?” and I replied with some lame statement like “Be glad you’ll never know and sit back down in your chair before I have to show you.” Needless to say that interaction was entirely useless for the both of us. 
Another factor in my complete loss of recollection about my childhood is my propensity for seeing things through rose colored glasses. I’ve already told you my mom used to spank us. I’ve been told, but do not honestly recall, that there were incidents with rubber spatulas and wooden spoons. If you ask my sister, who was a year younger then me, what her childhood was like she will site the years of therapy that have yet to fully repair things between her and my mother. I on the other hand can only recall the June Cleaver (sitcom perfect mom from Leave it to Beaver) way in which my mom would throw our childhood birthday parties. Maybe it wasn’t always great behind closed doors but when company came over my mom knew how to do it right! She decorated to the hilt and every kid would leave saying I had the best mom on the planet. I guess if every girl in Miss Zappa’s second grade class said it, it must be true!
I know in my heart that my mom did her best. The day I was born she looked at me with the exact same love and hope for her daughter as I did when my girl was born. Knowing that fact alone probably repaired any ill will I might have had for her. Somehow in the end, I turned out to be a happy and fairly well adjusted person so while I can’t agree with some of her methods I can only hope that my daughter grows up to be at least as happy as I am. 
Until that time comes however, I may continue to unconsciously parrot odd, ill advised threats “Don’t make me come in there!” or “Do you know how much your bottom is going to hurt?” while my bewildered daughter wonders what the heck her mom is saying and continues to paint all over the walls, dump cereal on the floor or smear toothpaste in her hair while I figure out what I really want to be saying. Hopefully what ever discipline practice I finally instill will not net the turrets like ability to mimic phrases unheard for more then thirty years because frankly, even without the draconian follow up, hearing the words fall from my mouth is disturbing and I certainly don’t want my girl to inherit that!
Let’s give her a hardy welcome by leaving lots of love here and over at her blogs, Everyday Mommy and Everyday Bliss. Thanks, Kathy, for hanging out over here today. I can’t wait to see your guest post tomorrow!!
Don’t forget to come back tomorrow and read her guest post. Have a great Friday!!
(p.s. in case you missed it, my one and only GUEST POST is over at her place during moxie week. Go check it out.)

3 thoughts on “>BSOW: An Everyday Lady

  1. >Thank you both for stopping by to read my little guest spot. I am truly honored to be asked!Since writing this my husband and I have been collecting all the choice phrases both our parents used to say… if we catch the other saying one they have to give the other person a kiss… hoping this fun interrupt keeps us from perpetuating the madness in the next generation! LOL

  2. >I often wonder this with my 3! Identical parents, absolutely different kids.Nice to meet you, I love how drama mama has introduced me to so many cool blogs.Nice to have you here!

  3. >This is great! It is interesting how two people raised in the same house can have completly different views. My sister and I are like night and day. We see things very differently about everything. I think we do pick things up from our parents and might not always realize where it came from. But I think the most important thing is lots of love and happiness in the home. I think it is a great foundation for the future! Have a great day! Mama Hen

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