>How to Conquer Europe in ONHD and Wordless Wednesday style

>That’s the only way I can describe this post. We came back from vacation to find our internet was down (!!!) and no amount of pixie dust could bring it back up.

So, here it is Wednesday, and I’ve got great stories to tell. I was supposed to help host Way Back Wednesday today, but due to my internet issues I didn’t, so please take a few minutes to hop over to The Adventures of Goober Grape and Monkey Man, The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom!,  and Adventures in Mommyhood!  to read all about Halloweens of the past.

Well, I mean AFTER you finish reading my post, of course.

So, let’s start with Tuesday’s Oh No He Didn’t hosted by Kristi at Live and Love…Out Loud...


We had a grand ol time on our mini-vacation. Riding the rides, conquering the roller coasters, splashing down the water slides. There’s this one roller coaster in particular, called the Griffon, at the park we visited that I really, really wanted to ride. I wanted to share the ride experience with Jellybean since it was impossible for both GC and I to ride it together (well, we could and hope that our children have been adopted are still waiting for us).

The Griffon has a sheer drop straight into the netherworld, which is the main thrill of this ride. I wanted to ride this SO badly. It was all we talked about for 2 hours as Jellybean and I walked around the park and got on rides together.

In the line for one particular ride, Jellybean starts chatting up this lady in front of us. They got to discussing the Griffon. Their conversation took on the whole “Is it scary” aspect. This lady told my 10 yr old child, who obviously wants to ride this rollercoaster and just looking for confirmation from someone OTHER than mom, “The first time I closed my eyes, and it was scary. I think I was more scared the 2nd time when I opened my eyes though. It’s definitely scary.”

Come again? Oh no you didn’t just tell my 10 yr old a roller coaster that she really wants to ride is scary!!

Despite that lady, we were still going to ride it anyway. We decided to save it for our very last thrill of the day, and hit it on our way out of the park. We also have a family tradition of getting funnel cake at any park/carnival/fair that we visit. We snagged some in Germany and headed for the Griffon.

GC is pushing Scooby in the stroller, I’m holding the funnel cake. Jellybean is bouncing all around. I hand out portions as needed. I’m feeding GC his every so often too, so everyone is getting a fair share. The funnel cake is disappearing fast. I handed Jellybean her last portion and let her know that was all she got. She looked at the funnel cake left on the plate and stated: “And you talk about ME hogging food, but you are. You are so selfish.”

Oh NO she didn’t!!

Needless to say, after that outburst, we did not ride the Griffon after all. I could have still ridden it by myself, but Scooby was worn out and GC looked like he was about to drop, too, so rather then make them wait, I passed on it. I could not reward that mouth with one of the biggest thrills in the park though.

Needless to say, that resulted in a lot of attitude as well. Getting a cute picture on the way out was NOT happening, despite me trying.

*sigh* At least we had a fabulous vacation, right?

Here’s proof (and Wordless Wednesday at that)….

After 3 days of conquering Europe via Busch Gardens Williamsburg style, it ended peacefully after all.

Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to play 2 Truths & a Lie with CA Girl and me.

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13 thoughts on “>How to Conquer Europe in ONHD and Wordless Wednesday style

  1. >Looks like you all had a blast! I love the photos of the kids on the carouself horses. They look so happy. 🙂 And onto the ONHD…OH NO SHE DIDN'T! Both of them that is. Some people are stupid. If you hear that a kid wants to go on a ride, you don't scare the crap out of her! That lady was an idiot. And Jellyben? OH NO SHE DIDN'T! Doesn't she know that Mommy always gets a bigger portion of funnel cake? It's compensation for a lifetime of headache, stretch marks and labor pains. And…having an attitude with the mama never pays! lolThanks for stopping by and playing along with OH NO HE DIDN'T! I love the dedication. 🙂 Have a great weekend Drama Mama.Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama

  2. >i would die without the internet! yay to the picutres of the kids with ernie and bert. i'd be such a cool mom if i could score photo ops for jackjack with those two 🙂

  3. >Sorry about the internet! These pictures are super! It really looks like you had such a great vacation! My daughter is three and keeps asking me when she can ride the big people roller coaster! Yikes! I am happy you had a fun time! have a great night!Mama Hen

  4. >I love Busch Gardens in VA. It's been years and years since I've been there though.Looks like you all had fun, minus the little comment at the end. 😉

  5. >That roller coaster looks so fun. We have one here in Utah at Lagoon that shoots you out straight up and then staight down before all the curlies. So much fun. My granddaughter rode it the first time when she was 6. I thought for sure she would hate it, but it is her favorite ride. Last year at age 7 she rode it 2 times. She takes after her grandma that's for sure.

  6. >Boo on the no internet! I assume that it's back and working? I love the "family picture" with your daughter walking into the store. Funny! Sometimes kids can be not so sweet. Good times – not!

  7. >Way to multi task and not let the computer win. We just had a day at an amusement park that was less than stellar (to be posted tomorrow) and I must say- much of it sucked and yet I still had fun. Memorable all the same, maybe more so. Stay tuned. Oh and happy WW!

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