>Guest Blog: Full House, Full Heart

>She was kind enough to stop by my humble home and grace us with her presence yesterday. Today, she is back to give us a speech. Please welcome back The Empress….

Love in Chaos
by The Empress

If you ever need a cure for house envy, come to our house. You’ll leave feeling that your house is the best organized, most tightly run ship on the planet. A visit here is good for that. With 4 males in the house, the level of noise is beyond what some would find comfortable. The same can be said for the level of activity, as in indoor soccer games, and football tossing.

There is someone always either playing the piano, or shooting the Nerf guns (yes–S– as in PLURAL, as in MANY to choose from), or seeing how many paper airplanes can be flown off the upstairs balcony at once. Hmmmm….maybe they’ll fly better if we tape pennies to them.

Snacking is always going on, there is PlayStation being played, more boys from the neighborhood, a Wii game may be started upstairs. The lemonade pitcher will be spilled, and someone will leave their unfinished popsicle to melt on the kitchen island. There are shoes to be tripped over, and lego pieces that will spike the tender arch of your foot.

This is our home, with love in the chaos. 

I grew up in a silent home. My mother didn’t like noise, and didn’t encourage interaction. She preferred quiet solitude. This was a good thing, in part, it turned us all into insatiable readers. But, my memories of what it was like growing up, are often accompanied by the sound of the quiet ticking of the clock in the dining room that I would hear daily.

I grew up wanting a boisterous home, bursting at the seams with family life, much like my friend Stephanie had. That’s what I wanted. I am now blessed with that. I am the mother of sons.

And, within the sound of yet another vase breaking, or a dish being dropped, or the sound of experimental aircraft being thrown off the upstairs balcony, you will hear love among the chaos. The sounds of a full house, and my own full, satisfied heart.

Beautifully written, if I must say so. This must be why she is The Empress.
Have a safe and happy Independence weekend, my friends. I hope to read all about your mishaps next week. And, please don’t let this be your next blog post:
There once was a redneck and his redneck wife. The wife didn’t want another child, and asked the redneck husband to get surgery so he can’t impregnate his wife.
The redneck goes to a very expensive doctor. The doctor who is in a hurry and is sure the redneck can’t pay for his operation, just hands the redneck a firecracker and says, “Light this, hold it, count to 10.” The redneck is confused but the doctor seems to know what he’s doing.
The redneck goes home and lights the firecracker. He starts counting with the aid of his fingers… “1…2…3…4…5…” The redneck pauses, puts the firecracker between his legs and resumes counting on the other hand….

23 thoughts on “>Guest Blog: Full House, Full Heart

  1. >Oh my, YES! We simply weren't allowed to be kids in my house! Because of that, my house is painted bright sunshiny yellow, & everything in it is kid friendly & nicely beat up…a house is not a home blah blah….THEY live here too, they even outnumber us, people know when they walk thru my door that happy children live here! Love it!:-D

  2. >Man, I only have 1 boy and the hubs of course and our place sounds just like yours! Thanks for putting it into perspective though, I often get all out of sorts in the midst of the chaos – I have to learn to just enjoy it;)

  3. >It sounds like you are explaining my house! And, don't even have all boys! It is the friends of the boy and believe it or not sometimes the girls. Always something going on in my house.

  4. >I'm really interested in taking the Empress up on the offer to make my house seem well organized. I've been hoping for that kind of help for a while. I figure it will save me a lot of work to just change my perception of clean.

  5. >Yay! I love a good noisy home! We always had to be quiet too. It's not easy to be quiet when you are inherently noisy! My kids are boisterous, rambunctious, and I can honestly say that 95% of the time I love it. LOL Sometimes I do just want quiet.

  6. >hi Empress! This was incredibly well written and touching. I love "bursting at the seams with family life" and I am so, so happy for you – that you have the cacophony of love and family 24/7. I envy you too. I grew up in a noisy home…with the noise of strife and too much fighting… and your post made me realize that we must long for the opposite of our childhood associations. Now we have just one child and it is relatively quiet but we let him make noise, and we love the sound of joy when his friends are over. So glad to be reading you again!

  7. >you wove in the assigned words and concept so well. it reads like the key to the piece, and i think it is. so nicely done: with love in the chaos. sounds like you got the home you always wanted, and now, after developing a rich appreciation for reading in your quiet childhood home, you have the writing ability to make me laugh and touch me lightly with sentimentality in a single piece. so paper airplanes fly better with pennies acting as weights? very interesting…

  8. >Oh, how much I struggle with trying to embrace the Boist-rocity (or whatever). I try to be that cool mom who's Zen in the midst of chaos- sometimes I fake it better than others.It's interesting that you note that you sometimes grow up to want the opposite of what you had. So true!

  9. >OMGoodness! The similarities of having boys!! It was like looking into my own house! And we make those round paper airplanes and boy, do they fly! I find them everywhere! Mainly on top of my kitchen cabinets. Great job, Empress! 🙂

  10. >I don't have four guys…just one boy and a hubs, but we often have the boisterous noise you write about. And a lot of spilled stuff, pain from stepping on lego pieces, and paper airplanes stuck in places I'll never be able to raech because they were thrown off the upstairs balcony. You captured it perfectly!

  11. >Wow. Looks like our homes are a bit alike. Though, here there are three males. Even three does make a lot of noise.BTW, we have tried the fly the airplanes from Balcony too. We stuck bubble gum to make them fly better.

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