>2 Truths and a Lie Thursday with CA Girl and Me!!

>It’s a BRAND NEW MEME!! Yes, that’s right, and I talked Lourie from CA Girl into co-hosting it with me. Y’all had so much fun reading all about our truths and lies and playing the guessing game, we decided to make it a regular feature. It’s easy to play too.

Just grab that handy little button up there. Post 2 truths and a lie. Then link up here or with CA Girl (or both, depending on if it works for us the way we want it to, haha). Stop by some other truth or dare players and make some new friends too!! Then, the next week you play, you can REVEAL your big secret lie. Sound like fun? Well let’s get this party started!!!

2 Truths and a Lie by The Drama Mama

  • 1. I am adopted.
  • 2. I can’t hear but I sing karaoke anyway.
  • 3. I speak Dutch, Spanish, and English and can read in German, thanks to my grandmothers.

So tell me…which is the lie and which are the truths? 

8 thoughts on “>2 Truths and a Lie Thursday with CA Girl and Me!!

  1. >i think the second one is a lie. right, i'd rather think of you as adopted (who turned out amazingly well) than karaoke-singing deaf mom…i know, i'm sick. it's the pill talking…

  2. >This is a great meme πŸ™‚ I've always loved this game. I will be participating as soon as I can think of my truths and lie. For now, I'm guessing your lie is #2

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