>The Poetry Hour-Pants on the Ground


 It’s easy. All you gotta do is write a poem about ANYTHING, be it a new one or an old one, post it on your blog TODAY, and link up. Then, just take a minute to stop by someone else’s poetry and leave some love. Leave me some love too.

It’s a Potty Good Time

Hello son, it’s time to go
Momma’s gotta poop.
Run, hurry up, let’s go
Or else the poop will fill the coop.

(google image)

Light on, light off
Yes, please, turn on the fan!
In and out, all about
No!! Don’t use your hand!
Shower on, shower off
Flush, flush, flush
Splish Splash oh! Crash!
That brand new bar of soap is mush.
Forget about that new razor, 
Your body wash is toast
Its the roll of toilet paper
Your toddler wants the most.
(google image)

Chasing after the child
To get the toilet paper back
Is definitely no fun
When the brown is in your crack.
This poem was inspired by my son’s antics today while I answered Nature’s Call…
Don’t forget to link up with your own poem and check some others out.

8 thoughts on “>The Poetry Hour-Pants on the Ground

  1. >I could have used this yesterday and today. The little one pooped in the tub and then today refused to wear underwear or a diaper. That was pretty icky to clean!

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