>BSOW-I Give Good Blog-Blogparty Finale


It’s been a long week here at The Scoop on Poop. You met Dumb Mom, you discovered what awesome followers I have, you heard my love story and my battle with diabetes. We even played a couple of fun party games. You’ve gotten some good tips on blogging. But the cops have busted in and arrested us all for indecent bloggery, so the party must come to an end.


Here to help end this party in style is a wonderful friends, another of my absolute favorite bloggers, Kristi from Live and Love…Out Loud. I am so excited to have her here today. I am awarding her as the Best Scoop of the Week, and she is guest posting today instead of Monday. Woot! Woot!!

Before I get to her guest post, I think you should know that she is an incredibly talented writer as well as photographer. Her kids are absolutely hilarious, especially the one who does not pee outside. She is the creator of “Oh No He Didn’t Tuesday.” She has a great perspective on life, and I am honored to call her my friend.

And now, in true Poop fashion, I give you the Best Scoop of the Week……Live and Love…Out Loud.


“If You Could Start Your Blog All Over Again, What Would You Do Differently?”

It’s the last day of Drama Mama’s Blog Party and I’m here to shut this thing down! I’ll be honest folks, I’m a little nervous and a whole lotta intimidated. When Drama Mama asked me to write a guest post about blogging, I immediately panicked. Though I’ve spent countless hours blogging my happy butt off, I’m no expert. I’m just a wife and mother who has a lot to say. Is anybody listening?

When I look back on the early days of my blog I cringe. It was wrought with poorly written, hastily thrown together posts and a terrible design. The fact of the matter is I put more time and energy into shaving my legs, than I did my blog. And let me tell you sister, I’ve been known to let these bad girls go without being shaved for weeks on end.Folks if I could go back and do it all over again, I would. What would I have done differently? Well…
I wish I had put more thought into my original blog’s title and URL.
I had two different blog titles, three different URL’s on two different blogging platforms before I finally settled on my self-hosted Word Press blog Live and Love…Out Loud. Not only was the constant flip flopping a pain in the butt for me, but it was confusing to my followers as well. All three of them. Choose a catchy blog title that speaks to you, about you and is easy for readers to remember.

I would’ve taken the time to narrow down my niche early on.

Choosing a niche that interests and inspires you is an important factor. Doing so will give you the inspiration to blog honestly, passionately and fearlessly. Whether you blog about tutus or breastfeeding, do it from the heart. Readers will appreciate your honesty and passion and will come back for more.

I should’ve taken the leap into the blogging community pool a lot sooner. 
 I was extremely intimidated when it came to putting myself out there in the beginning. At one time I let my fear of not being accepted hold me back from forming friendships with other bloggers. To be honest with you my fears were totally unfounded and unnecessary. Since then, I’ve come to learn that the blogging community is amazing. Women and men of all ages and stations in life come to together to mentor, encourage, connect with and support each other. It’s a beautiful thing.

Finding and staying true to my writing style should’ve been my number one priority. 
 Instead I played with my blog design and layout, spending hours each day tweaking every. single. widget. in my sidebar. While blog design is important, I believe that it should’ve taken a back seat to the actual content. Writing honest, passionate and compelling posts while peppering them with your personal style, is what matters most. Doing so enables your readers to know you on a deeper level. You’ll reel them in – hook, line and sinker.

Despite the rocky start, blogging has been one heck of a ride. I’ve learned so much about myself as a wife, mother, writer, amateur photographer and friend. I’ve got so much more learning and growing to do, but I’m willing to work at it. Oh and in case you’re wondering…I’ll be at Live and Love…Out Loud blogging about it all.

Are you wondering who won the gorgeous Mom’s Nest Charm Necklace?? 

Using Random.org last night with 27 entries, the winner is……..
Everyone got their ticket?
(insert drumroll here)

And who is lucky #23?????

It is none other than:

Congrats to you, J.L.W!!! Please watch for my email with instructions on how to claim your prize!!
And, thanks to all of you, my wonderful followers, my blog party has been an incredibly fun week. I thank you for your love, comments, and support from the bottom of my poop-filled heart. Honestly, blogging wouldn’t be the same without you. Please stand up and give yourselves a clap on the back. You deserve it.

P.S. I participate in Friday Follow Me, a great blog hop hosted by Heather at Two Little Monkeys Plus Hubby Make One Happy Mommy, Evonne at All You Need Is Love, and Steph at A Grande Life. Visit any one (or all) of the hosts to link up and have fun!!



17 thoughts on “>BSOW-I Give Good Blog-Blogparty Finale

  1. >Thanks for the blog tips Kristi! Still honing my voice on my Everyday Bliss blog… I too was kind of afraid to meet the other bloggers! So glad I finally said hello!Drama Mama thanks for guest blogging over at my place, thanks for a great party and for all the inspiration!

  2. >Kristi is one of my all time favorite blogs and bloggers. LOVE her. Can't say enough good about her. Great post, Kristi. Wonderful tips and said in true Kristi form. Funny, witty, and honest. Congrats on being the best scoop of the week. You desereve it!

  3. >Congratulations on pulling off a great blog party. We all learned a lot about you and about blogging as well thanks to Dumb Mom. Thanks for stopping by and giving me the opportunity to guest post here at The Scoop on Poop. Have a great weekend Drama Mama.Kristi, Live and Love…Out Loud@TweetingMama

  4. >Yay! Thank you so much for throwing such an awesome party. I love reading Kristi's blog. I am very guilty of not staying true to my writing style and tweaking relentlessly.

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