>A Poop Scooping Celebration


Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop! Who let the dogs out?!? Wahoo!! It’s finally here! The blog party of the decade has arrived. If you don’t leave this blogparty without a little poop smeared on you, I haven’t done my duty. So, with that, let’s get this 100th post/200 follower party started!!!

Shout it from the mountaintops (or maybe just twitter) because I have got something AWESOME to give you. My awesomely talented friend has generously offered to GIVEAWAY one of her beautiful NEST CHARM necklaces. No mother should be without one.  Seriously. This woman is skilled. Have you seen these?

The nests, which can hold up to 4 eggs, are delicately hand wrapped with copper coated wire. The eggs are fresh water pearls. Each nest is handmade and will vary slightly in detail. 
How can you win this FABULOUS, BEAUTIFUL, make the other mommies in your mommy group jealous, necklace? That’s easy. At the bottom of this post, there will be a linky. All you have to do is GRAB my party button from up top or my sidebar and link your blog up. THAT’S IT. 
Did you think it would be something complicated? I suppose, like any other party, I could charge $10 per raffle ticket to go towards buying myself something pretty that charity drive for Monkey, but I won’t, because I don’t roll like that (but feel free to donate to the charity drive if you want to). So, just post the cute little party button I made with the backwards music notes somewhere on your blog and link up. Random.org will supply me with the winner at Midnight Friday, June 11, 2010 EST. Don’t forget to link up!!!!

I have to give a little speech here, as it’s only befitting a Drama Queen Mama on my big day. I have to say without followers, I really don’t think I would have ever gotten to 100 posts (let alone 200 followers). I think this is a first for me. I’ve had other blogs, but never really kept up with them. Life got busy and in the way, and I just didn’t know how to promote my blog and get it out there. I had lots of help this time. You will get to meet my Inspiration tomorrow when she shares a little tidbit about blogging with you. There have been lots of friends made along the way, and I will be introducing (and in some cases, reintroducing) them to you again over the week. So, while this may be MY party, it’s really a celebration of ALL OF YOU.

And, now I’m going to shut up, and let Dumb Mom from parenting BY dummies fling some great blogging infopoop on the wall now….

Today is a big day for Drama Mama!

I’m talking H-U-G-E people.  HUGE!

It’s not every blogger who can make it to 100 posts.

This is quite an accomplishment for the Scoop on Poop.

Not sure why she invited me over for the party, but I’m here and I promise not to get wasted and naked table dance all over this blog.

Unless you’re into that sorta thing.

And then, AWESOME.

Bring out the Tequila, I’m gettin’ naked tonight!  Woo-friggin’-hoo!


So, you’re NOT into that sorta thing.

That’s cool.

Lemme just button this back up then…


So.  I’m here to party with Drama Mama and friends on her big day, and I thought I’d share a little blogging advice with you.

You know, drop some knowledge on all you ladies (and gentlemen?) since I’m like a  super cool slightly delusional, veteran washed up blogger. 

I figure, at the very least,  I’ve learned a few things after writing over 400 posts over at my blog parenting BY dummies and, as such, it’s my job to share my knowledge with the world.

Not that they were awesome, or that anyone really reads them, or that I am even remotely good at this whole blogging thing, but I know a little somethin’-somethin’ about hosting fun giveaways, and creating quality blog content, and just about how to be a good blogger in general.

Plus, I do have one jewel of “knowledge” for all you newer-ish bloggers out there.  It will change your life and help you be a happier, more relevant blogger.

Are you ready for it?

DON’T worry about the numbers!

Just step away from the Google Analytics.  Put down the stat counters.  And, breathe.

I was obsessed with checking my stats, and increasing my followers, and getting more people to like me, and follow me, and fan me, and not shun me in public other equally meaningless online forms of affection.

And then I thought, why?

Unless you are Dooce or Ree or some other blogger who I will never be anything like, you’re probably not gonna be super huge in the blogosphere.

So, stop worrying about your page loads.

Stop participating in all of the follow me and I’ll follow you groups.

Write good stuff.

Make yourself accessible and relevant and engaging.

Find people you can make a real connection with; people who truly enjoy your writing, and with whom you enjoy interacting, because that’s what this whole thing is about.

The numbers are meaningless (well, not entirely, you need to know them if you want to do reviews or giveaways or other fun type stuff that some of us enjoy being a part of).

At least I hope they are.

Otherwise, the fact that I’ve tweeted to @jtimberlake at least 65 times with no response would be important.

And, the fact that I’ve shamelessly stalked left at least 232 encouraging comments on a certain popular blogger’s site (I’m not telling you who to protect her identity and to prevent her from discovering that she hates me and I know it) without a response would be important.

As would the fact that I ate 2 lbs of chocolate (I had to, it was for a review), 6 bags of Cracker Jacks (the small ones, though), and a delightful chocolate chip cookie (which I know I burned off in the sun) this week alone.

Okay, perhaps the last bit, re:stuffing my face, actually is important, or at least it will be when I’m trying to figure out why I’ve gained 8lbs this month.

But the other things just aren’t.

Blogging is about so much more than how many people come by your site for two seconds, or enter your giveaways, or Like you on Facebook.

It’s about friendship, and Twitter, and camaraderie, and getting people to participate in your meme’s (especially if they are good ones like Mom Tip Tuesday which is, incidentally,  tomorrow), and sparking discussions, and getting tons of comments on your Wordful Wednesday post.

That’s what really matters.

That, and celebrating.

Celebrating the milestones the people you share this digital world with are celebrating.

So, give it up for Dumb Mom, I mean Drama Mama.

Make her feel special (by leaving a comment of course), and then get over to your own blog and get your Mom Tip Tuesday post ready for tomorrow so you can head over to parenting BY dummies and link up.

I need to boost my numbers.


I just wanted to add a link on some more blogging tips I found over at J.L.W’s (author of The Practical Mom Guide)  place the other day because it is really fits in with the topic today. Go read her Blog Lessons on Gaining Followers. It’s absolutely fabulous.

And many, many thanks to Dumb Mom for coming over and helping me get my party started in true party fashion. I hope y’all will be back for more as I tell you why I started blogging, introduce you to my very first follower, my 200th follower, and the lady that I call my Muse. You’ll even get a story about How I Met GC, to make you go AWWW. I’ve got a fantastic guest blogger on Friday as well to help me wrap up the party. Thanks for coming today. Now, here’s a little something to get your blog dancing:

Don’t forget to post the blogparty button on your blog and LINK UP for a chance to win that GORGEOUS necklace!!!

11 thoughts on “>A Poop Scooping Celebration

  1. >What a fabulous achievement! Congrats on your 100 and 200! Fabulous guest blogger as well. You have a great blog; I'm so glad to have found you and had the opportunity to be a part of your first 100. You rock! Oh, and silly I know, but when you started off the post with "if you don't leave here without a little poop smeared on you I haven't done my duty." I felt like Beevis and Buthead were saying, "Dude, you said duty. Ha ha, ha ha."I know, I just revealed my truly dorky side. Enjoy your day and I'm all in for that beautiful necklace!

  2. >Oh my goodness, I'm not a mom but I really want that necklace! It is soooo cute! I just found your blog off SITs and I'm totally following now and linking up and EVERYTHING!

  3. >Happy 100th POST! I tried linking up, but it was giving me problems. Which is weird, because I have done it before on other blogs. Anyhoo…I got my party on!

  4. >see how much i love you? i linked up, even if there's that huge possibility that necklace wont reach me even if i win.it's beautiful, though :)happy 100th 🙂

  5. >I'm linked up! Love the necklace! Ya'll both crack me up…I think I see a poop schmear on me now! Great, valid points for blogging too….I will take these and run with them! LOL

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