>Wordless Wednesday, I’m Trendy & Beautiful


This graced my front walk for a week before it died. Just one.

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On Friday, Sarah over at No, Don’t and Stop! awarded me with the trendy blogger award. 
 Whoop!! Yay!! Thanks, Sarah!!! I’m glad at least SOMEONE thinks I’m trendy (insert eyeroll from the preteen here)!! I didn’t see any rules attached (Yay!!) so I’m just passing it along to some other blogs I think y’all really should go and visit….
AND…wait!! There’s more!!
Jackie over at Lumps on a Blog gave me the Beautiful Blogger award yesterday!!! Thanks, Jackie!!! Woot Woot!!! Of course, being beautiful means I need to tell you 10 things you don’t know about me, and pass it along to 10 blogs I frequent….
1. My favorite colors are purple, coral, blue topaz and rose pink. 
2. I do not wear my favorite colors together….EVER
3. I have a total of 5 blogs. 
4. One of those blogs is a cooking blog I need to update. (Yes, my name is Slacker!)
5. Another one of those blogs is my new design blog that is not officially up and running yet.
6. My mind and my heart are on board for one last baby before I hit 40.
7. My body is more on a “Oh Hell NO” wavelength.
8. I have no idea what I am doing hosting a blog party. Ahahahaha.
9. I play fantasy football. 
10. I share a birthday with George Washington. 
Don’t forget tomorrow starts The Poetry Hour. Your prompts, should you need inspiration are…
 Summer Storms, being a woman/man, Mother Nature, Memorial Day, Children.
You can link up tomorrow. (insert cheesy smile here)
Ok, so why are you still here? Looks like it’s gonna be a busy day in blogland…

24 thoughts on “>Wordless Wednesday, I’m Trendy & Beautiful

  1. >Hey, thanks so much for this award!!! Sorry it's taken me so long to grab it. I've been INCOGNITO in SD. I really appreciate the link up for WW too. Your photo is great. I may not make it back to everyone's blog this week, but I'm generally pretty good. I guess I'm playin' too hard. I'll try to add it to my blog soon. Thanks again.alicia @ a beautiful mess

  2. >Beautiful!This is my first time here… I love it. I'm now a new follower. Come follow me back when you get a chance? Hugs, Tracihttp://www.ordinaryinspirations.blogspot.com

  3. >Whaaa?! An award? For lil ole me?! Well thanks! I love being awarded because that validates something I've been trying to tell Dumb Dad for ages now: that I'm sorta awesome! Trendy is pretty much the same thing as awesome, right? Thank bunches!

  4. >5 BLOGS? Good lord….what are the others? Oh…crap, no pun intended. I actually have 5 too LOL. Three that I update regularly.

  5. >i was gonna thank you for following me and lo and behold! i got an award!thank you :)oh, and just so you know, my 2-year-old was practicing how to say DRAMA MAMA before he dozed off. he got it the first time πŸ™‚

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